Uludag's New Ropeway Project Appointed to the Court's Decision (Photo Gallery - Special Report)

The new ropeway project of Uludağ has been put on the court decision: The decision of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to stop the construction of the longest cable car line in the world was stopped. Sarıalan and hundreds of trees in the Hotel Zone reacting to the cutting of environmentalists on the application of Bursa 2.idare [more…]


Foundation of Railway Overpass in Somalia

The foundation of the railway overpass in Somada was laid: In Zafer neighborhood of Soma district, the foundation of the railway overpass planned to facilitate the passage of the road and ensure uninterrupted traffic flow was laid with the ceremony. Railroad crossing from Vakif Street to Fahrettin Altay Street [more…]

06 Ankara

Bayramda YHT'lar additional time

Feast of excursion to the YHT: Summer holiday season, which corresponds to the Eid al-Fitr Feast of the bus, airplanes and trains in the normal demand to fill the flight already and led to many additional expeditions. Officials, holiday holiday plans [more…]


New Cable Car Line to Integrate Bursa with Uludağ

The new ropeway line will integrate Uludağ with Bursa: It is aimed to provide daily transportation to Uludağ with 20 minutes and the bed capacity to be used in summer and winter with the ropeway to be renewed-Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Altepe Yen Length of line 4 bin 600 [more…]

35 Izmir

Block Train Transport with MEDLOG

Block Train Transportation with MEDLOG: As of July, Medlog Logistics started to transport railroad containers between İskenderun Assan Port Port and Gaziantep through the connection line of Ekinciler Demir Çelik Sanayi A.Ş. Total 357 of various companies [more…]


Bayram sells no tickets

Bayram does not sell tickets: Ramazan Bayramı, which corresponds to the summer holiday season, has already filled bus, airplane and train services. Day began to put additional firms due time the largest company in Turkey of air transport Airlines, many during the holidays [more…]