Historic Paşabahçe Ferry Will Be Towed To The Golden Horn In December

historic pasabahce steamer
historic pasabahce steamer

The Historical Pasabahce Ferry Will Be Towed To The Golden Horn In December; While waiting for the day when it will be a razor on the Beykoz coast, the historical Paşabahçe Ferry, which was transferred to the City Lines with the initiatives of IMM, will be towed to the Golden Horn Shipyard in December, and the maintenance and repair process will be started. After the restoration was completed, the ship was returned to sea transportation. kazanwill be raised.

Paşabahçe Passenger Ferry, one of the symbol ships of the historical Şehir Hatları AŞ, which was given to the Beykoz Municipality by 10 years ago by the previous Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) administration, was left to decay by the seaside. The steamer, which was used as a wedding solon for a short time, was then asked to be built as a museum. It even came up with a dip in the Bosphorus and a route for underwater life and diving enthusiasts. However, none of the projects took place, and the aesthetic wonder ship, 10 was left to rot on the shore of Beykoz throughout the year.

The 67-year-old ferry, which was put out to tender for dismantling last month, was saved from being a razor with the initiatives of IMM. İBB's ship to the Bosphorus again kazanUpon his request for a refund, the tender was first cancelled. Beykoz Municipality Council, with its unanimous decision last week, approved the "free allocation of Paşabahçe to İBB Subsidiary Şehir Hatları AŞ, provided that it is used as a passenger ferry and is made afloat within 2 years".

The ship, which has witnessed the most important historical events of Istanbul, will meet the Bosphorus and its passengers once their maintenance and repairs have been completed by IMM. İBB experts who examined the ship, which was neglected; the outer metal of the steamer was corroded by oxygen and sea water, the hair component had to be completely renewed, it was not in a condition to make expeditions and required heavy maintenance costs.


IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluSinem Dedetaş, General Manager of Şehir Hatları AŞ, stated that they started an initiative to re-add the Paşabahçe Ferry to their fleet with the instructions of the ship, and explained the process of meeting the ship with its passengers again as follows:

“First of all, the survey (general situation) report of Istanbul Port Authority will be taken. After completing the necessary technical research on the safe towing of the ship, we will ensure that it is towed to Haliç Shipyard in December. It is important to check the condition of the steamer. We are talking about a ferry that was abandoned to its fate for about 10 years. Controls and inspections will be made regarding seaworthiness. Later, pool maintenance will be done at the shipyard. There are parts that can be completely renewed such as hull (hull) and machinery. We'll sort of look at what's left of it. The economic feasibility of the ship will be derived for renovation and modernization. Planned maintenance will be done. Paşabahçe, the symbolic ferry of Şehir Hatları, will begin to serve Istanbulites again after all these works are completed. "


The 67-year-old Paşabahçe Steamboat, which launched a campaign for the survival of Istanbulites, was not only the en fastest ”and“ memory ın of the Bosphorus, but also the pearl of the Bosphorus with its delicate design.

As a warship in Taranto in Italy in 1952 made the historic steamboat, 2nd night in town was converted into a form lines in Italy on demand from World War II ended, Turkey. The ship arriving from Italy to Istanbul in 2,5 days with its powerful engine and robust boat structure can speed up to 18 miles per hour.

The ship, 73,71 meters long, 13,17 meters wide and 3,27 meters deep, served the gentlemen and ladies of the city on both sides of the Bosphorus for 58 years. During his 58 years of service, he transported passengers in the waters of Istanbul on the Islands and Yalova line.

Paşabahçe Passenger Ferry, which was donated to the Beykoz Municipality by the İBB administration in 2010, was requested to be built as a museum. However, restoration and maintenance could not be done because there were not enough resources and sponsors. For many years, Beykoz was anchored on the beach in front of the Municipality was left idle.

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