Bus Travel for Disabled People in Izmir Will Be Easier

disabled bus travel in Izmir will facilitate
disabled bus travel in Izmir will facilitate

Bus Travel of Disabled Persons in İzmir Will Be Easier; In order to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities who use public transportation in Izmir, ESHOT General Directorate rolled up its branches. In order to implement mobile application, stop and in-bus warning systems, the views of non-governmental organizations representing disabled people were taken.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate, which decided to take a series of measures to reduce the difficulties experienced by disabled people in transportation by bus, met with disabled associations and citizens in the city. At the meeting organized for information exchange, representatives of disabled associations told about their problems and solution suggestions to ESHOT General Manager Erhan Bey and the managers of all related units.

Priority demands of disabled people in transportation

Representatives of disabled associations; Stations and in-car audio and video warning systems must be expressed. The location of the bus approaching the stop, how many minutes will arrive, the bus driver at the stop of a disabled citizen to reach the information instantly, vehicles approached and reached the stop information, such as voice and video applications were asked to be implemented. Disabled representatives also complained that buses could not approach the stops due to illegal parking of their private vehicles.

Bey: We care very much about you

Erhan Bey, General Manager of ESHOT, listened attentively to all participants and made the following statement: iniz Your requests will be taken into consideration; new practices and regulations will be planned in this direction and will be implemented as soon as possible. Until these are done; In the first place, the audible warning systems of the validators in our buses will be reactivated. Our drivers will be provided with information and training to make them more sensitive in approaching stops and recognizing disabled passengers. We will contact the Provincial Police Department for the prevention of faulty parks. We care very much about you. Our communication will continue with strength ”.

Who participated?

Contemporary Visually Impaired Association, Izmir Visually Impaired Youth and Sports Club, Visually Impaired Association in Education, Eşpedal Association, Sign Language Translator and Trainers Association and individual participants.

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