Chamber, Kabataş Martı Project is not legal and ecological

Chamber, Kabataş Martı Project is not legal and ecological: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's “Kabataş Mucella Yapıcı, the Secretary General of the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Architects, who made a statement regarding his objections regarding the construction of the transfer center named Martı Project, said, “The issue is not only in rent. Nowhere is the transfer center with a metro located five meters from the sea, ”he said.
Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch will be organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM)Kabataş Martı Project ”held a press conference at the branch building in Karaköy regarding their objections related to the construction of the transfer center.
Many architects, city planners, as well as TMMOB Chamber of City Planners Istanbul Branch Board Member Akif Burak Atlar, Chamber of Architects Istanbul Branch Secretary General Mücella Yapıcı and TMMOB Istanbul Provincial Coordination Secretary Cevahir Akçelik attended.
”The municipality refused to answer questions“
Speaking first at the meeting, Cevahir Akçelik said that they asked the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality questions about the project within the scope of the Law on the Right to Information, but the municipality avoided answering these questions.
”Project is full of architecture and ecological inadequacies“
Mucella Maker, who speaks after Akçelik, Kabataşalso the ground is watery and slippery.Kabataş He said that the project is not suitable because the Martı Project does not meet the legal requirements. “It's not just about rent. Yapıcı said that no transfer center with a metro is located at a distance of five meters to the sea anywhere in the world, and said that the number of ferries should be increased instead of the project in question.
B The closure of the pier is the right of transportation “
Kabataş Considering the closure of the wharf as “the extortion of the right of transportation”, Yapıcı said that the project is full of architectural and ecological deficiencies. Drawing attention to the shortcomings of projects such as Galataport and Eurasia Tunnel, Yapıcı said, “Let's stop all these projects. We can examine them and examine them again. I undertake this on behalf of my institution. ”
”The project has not been submitted for public approval“
TMMOB Chamber of City Planners Istanbul Branch Executive Board Member Akif Burak Atlar stressed that the project does not have legal requirements. Explaining that the project should be implemented after the participatory processes, Atlar said, uz The project should be suspended for thirty days, and if any, it should forward its objections. During this process, public approval was not applied. Bu

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