Halıcı presents Turnkey Projects in the field of Electronic Automation

halici offers turnkey projects in the field of electronic automation
halici offers turnkey projects in the field of electronic automation

Halıcı Elektronik, which provides product sales and engineering services in the field of automation, realizes turnkey projects as the main dealer of ABB. Halıcı, which is one of the few companies that provides service with all components in the automation field, offers solutions in many different areas such as panel manufacturing, PLC software, project design, SCADA system within the scope of automation.

Instead of a different company for the board, a different automation company for the software, instead of the services and products received from various places, it makes it easier for the companies to take them as a turn-key project from a single point.

Halıcı Elektronik, one of ABB's important partners, offers ABB products to the market and provides engineering and projecting services.

Industry HALICI Electronics, which conducts R & D studies with information companies for 4.0 solutions, contributes to manufacturers in terms of advanced technology. Halıcı Elektronik provides 7 / 24 Technical Support services for the uninterrupted and efficient systems it has established.

Halici Electronics, which has completed more than 25 years of experience with 500 years of experience, provides services through its Bursa, Izmir and Ankara branches outside of Istanbul Center.

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