Kayseri receives Smart City Sample Application Award

Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik attended the fair and symposium organized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization at ATO International Congress and Exhibition Center for the World Geographical Information Systems Day. In his speech at the symposium, President Çelik gave information about smart urbanism applications in Kayseri. President Çelik also received the "Smart City Model Application" award from Mehmet Özhaseki, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization.

Mayor Mustafa Çelik attended the symposium and fair which was held in Ankara with the participation of Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Mehmet Özhaseki in the theme ara Living Area of ​​the Information Society: Smart Cities ”and spoke at the symposium after the opening ceremony.

In his speech, President Çelik touched upon the information society before smart cities and stated that the world is in a rapid development process. “Science of knowledge triggers knowledge and this situation gives us a dizzying development and change. In this change, the expression of Information Society has an important place. Our government is also aware of this importance and therefore the Information Society Department was established under the Ministry of Development. The Information Society Strategy and Action Plan covering the years 2015-2018 was published. Based on the action plan and the experiences we have already experienced, we can say that the information society has changed and transformed everything, especially our living spaces. Eylem

Emphasizing that priorities should be determined first and foremost in smart urban planning, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Çelik continued his words as follows: “In Kayseri, we are carrying out some studies by answering the questions 'What should we do or what are we thinking of doing' and putting our minds on it as a requirement of the information society. By the way, I must say that being smart is innate in us. Because people who lived in Kültepe Kaniş-Karum Region 2 years ago in the lands we live in wrote down all civilization and technology on tablets, which was the greatest technology of that time, and they collected and accumulated them in a place like the data centers of today's world. When appropriate, they compared and confirmed its accuracy. These habits, that is, using your mind, manifested in trade, have been the most important legacy of every civilization that has lived in Kayseri since then. As a child, his trade, craftsmanship, hard work, kazanThis lifestyle, which teaches how to live, develops and takes shape as it grows, and when you get a job, it turns into a desire to do the new and the undone, no matter what the job is. This concept, which is described as 'innovation' today, is known as enterprising and innovative. In addition, Kayseri is one of the rare cities where all our institutions act together. The common denominator for us is the people living in Kayseri and Kayseri. Being a smart city actually means being able to do just that. When you take a closer look at smart cities such as Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam or Singapore, which are exemplified today, you will see that it is not a coincidence that the concept of smart city came to life here. It is seen that all stakeholders act and decide together for the city within an “ecosystem”.”

Is experienced in Kayseri Intelligent Urbanization also emphasized that President Mustafa Celik, SCADA, one of the first applications of the smart city of Kayseri, the water and the electrical system is one of the first last city in Turkey, opened in 2003 Kayseri that are more advanced for beginners smart curatorial practice with the City Museum The Seljuk Civilization Museum, Kayseri High School National Struggle Museum and Kayseri Science Center, they use the public transportation system, the stop of the smart stops in the bus stop system, said they began to implement. Chairman Steel, the internet application parking, use of bicycles integrated public transportation system, Transport monitoring of public transport with a control system, a first in Turkey to be implemented and which will provide at least% 40 energy-saving intelligent lighting system, smart junction system, municipal geographic information system , smart irrigation systems, Erciyes smart applications, such as detailed work and "Smart Urbanism in the field of new applications every day to continue to facilitate the lives of our citizens," he said.

Mayor Mustafa Celik received the “Smart City Case Study Award Çevre from the hands of Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Özhaseki at the symposium held in Ankara.

President Mustafa Celik, the World Geographical Information Systems Day, also visited the fair. Metropolitan Municipality Information Technology Department, KCETAS and KASKİ also set up the stands of President Steel, the Kayseri booth, Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Özhaseki and gilaburu water served to other visitors.

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