China Railway Express Arrived at Ankara Station with a Ceremony

china railway express
china railway express

China Railway Express was Appointed by a Ceremony from Ankara Station; The first freight train, which will depart from China and go to Europe using Marmaray, was sent off with a ceremony from China Railway Express Ankara Station.

Minister Turhan, Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan also in his speech at a ceremony attended three continents pointed linking Turkey's geostrategic and geopolitical importance.

Turhan, Asia with both the geographic location of historical and cultural continuity, Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea was stated that an important role in economic and social development of the regions in question in Turkey with the country.

“We have established uninterrupted and quality transportation infrastructures between continents”

Turkey's hashes wide variety of transport links in recent years in order to further strengthen the current position by creating, as well as corridors, between continents uninterrupted and high quality transportation infrastructure Turhan explained that facility, "754 billion dollars finds strengthening our transportation and communications infrastructure, with an investment to complete the missing links in the international transport route was among our priorities. ” used the expression.

China, Asia, Europe and the Middle East aimed at the creation of a large infrastructure and transport network linking the "One Belt One Road" project Turhan explained that they pay special attention, in this context, Turkey and Azerbaijan and on the basis of cooperation created by the Georgia lives in the Baku-Tbilisi He said that China Railway Express, which made its first flight from Baku to Kars on the Kars Railway Line, gave a new direction to world railway transportation.

Turhan, the line is in operation from October 30, 2017, Asia and the rail freight area between Europe expressed that heralds a new era, said the line of Turkey, stretching from Beijing to London central corridor and Kazakhstan still Turkey ' He noted that the Iron Silk Road, which extends to Istanbul, became the most important connection point.

Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line, the cargo transport time between China and Turkey 1 month to 12 days, "century project" Marmaray in that it even integrated in the time between the Far East and Western Europe Turhan said that it has reduced to 18 days, "with Asia When we consider the trade volume of 21 trillion dollars between Europe, the importance of the issue will be easily understood. The Iron Silk Road Line, benefiting from about 5 billion people and 60 countries, has become a new and very important alternative for global trade networks. ” found the assessment.

“11 thousand 483 kilometers of road will be covered in 12 days”

Minister Turhan, who started his journey in Xi'an, China, carrying 42 goods of electronic goods equivalent to 820 trucks, has a total length of 42 meters, with 2 container-loaded wagons exceeding 10 continents, 2 countries and 11 seas. He reported that he would travel a thousand 483 kilometers of road in 12 days.

Stating that transporting the cargo over the middle corridor using the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line and Marmaray will save time and energy compared to other corridors, Turhan said, “This is a very historical step in terms of the course of both regional and global trade. Therefore, we take pride in this train, which has traveled thousands of kilometers, as it symbolizes the new era that started in railway transportation. ” said.

Turhan said that this project will be commercially available to countries. kazanExpressing that it will also contribute greatly to the strengthening of inter-communal ties and the acceleration of intercultural interaction, he said that he believes the train, which reaches Turkey without any disruptions or problems, will successfully complete its historical journey, which will end in Prague.

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