Baby Care Rooms Opened in Ankara Metro Stations

baby care rooms opened in ankara metro stations
baby care rooms opened in ankara metro stations

Taking into account the demands and wishes of the citizens of the capital city, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its services to facilitate the life of mothers.

Bakım Baby Care and Breastfeeding Rooms ”were opened in Kızılay, Keçiören, Sincan and Batıkent Metro Stations upon the orders of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş.


The application that provides great convenience to mothers who have difficulty finding a place to change or breastfeed their babies received full marks from the capitalists.

The baby care and breastfeeding rooms opened by the Metropolitan Municipality for mothers to take care of their babies in special and emergency times draw great attention from mothers and even grandmothers.

BABY CARE ROOMS ON 06.00-01.00

The daily passenger capacity of the 450 thousand people reaching the subway, especially the mothers can spend time with their babies in a special room demand for the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş, also instructed to increase this number.

In the first stage, Baby Care and Breastfeeding Rooms opened in Kızılay, Keçiören, Sincan and Batıkent Metro Stations were made available to mothers between 06.00-01.00 hours.

The Baby Care and Breastfeeding Rooms, which use the metro during their travels, are very appreciated by both the mothers of the capital and the guests who come to the capital.


Mothers and grandmothers who thanked President Yavas and those who contributed shared their thoughts with the following words:

-Nermin Onder (54): olmuş It is very beautiful. I have my 2 granddaughter. We also started to use these rooms when the babies needed to go to the subway. We thank those who contributed. ”

-Hatice Kılıç (23): “It was a great convenience in breastfeeding and changing the baby. We hope it will be in all subways. I thank the Metropolitan Municipality. ”

-Yaş Peşmen (40): “It is a very good application for mothers with children. The child gets hungry at once, makes the gold dirty, it is not clear when and what to do. It has been a very appropriate application for this. Thank you to our Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas. ”

-Semiha Doğru (43): “Mothers have a lot of trouble in breastfeeding. It has been a very good application. Thank you to the Metropolitan Municipality. ”


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