When To Open Keçiören Metro

When the Keçiören Subway Will Open: For the Keçiören metro, Lütfi Elvan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications at the time, used the expressions “Our aim is to put the Keçiören Subway at the service of Ankara residents in 2015”. Speaking at the opening of Sincan Metro in 2014, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "Keçiören metro will start test drives at the end of the year, and we will put it into service in 2015." he said.

However, despite the last days of 2015, no positive statement was made about the opening of the Keçiören Metro this year.


Kecioren people who have been waiting for the transportation for years by the end of the date of Mayor Mustafa Ak had given. Ak said they hoped the metro would be in service in the first months of 2016.

The authorities said the delay was due to the cancellation of the electromechanical tender of the metron and the frequent contact with water due to the stream underneath.

On the other hand, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on building an aesthetic square in the area where the metro is located in Keçiören.

It was decided to extend the Keçiören Metro to the Red Crescent by the Council of Ministers. By the Council of Ministers; It was decided to build a new rail system line between the Kizilay-Ataturk Cultural Center.

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