Nearly 40 Percent of Rize Artvin Airport Project Completed

rize artvin airport project has been completed
rize artvin airport project has been completed

Minister Turhan, AK Party Deputy Chairman Hayati Yazici, Rize Governor Kemal Ceber, AK Party Rize deputies Osman Askin Bak and Muhammet Avci, Rize-Artvin Airport, the authorities received information by investigating the construction.

Turhan, press after examination in a statement to reporters, historical and Rize, a corner of the paradise of the cultural fabric, only one of the world's leading project is not Turkey's Rize and Artvin said they were trying to build the airport.

Stating that the people of the region have been waiting for years for the construction of the airport, Turhan said that there were constant crises and that the construction of airports in the country where investment plans could not be made turned back to the story of the snake and that no one could attempt to establish an airport in the past.

Turhan, Rize's son Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the political scene of the country began to be reconstructed by stressing, "This airport is part of the project to rebuild the country. We have completed a comprehensive study and feasibility and thus started the construction of Rize-Artvin Airport at this point. Rize-Artvin Airport was the second airport to be built on the sea by filling the country after Ordu-Giresun Airport, which is the first airport in Europe. ”

Pointing out that 85,5 million tons of filling area will be built at the airport, Turhan said: kadar So far we have completed 242 million tons of stone fill by making 120 thousand tons of stone per day with 32 heavy duty machine. 11 million tons of this is used in the construction of the breakwater, which we call categorical stone. The 64 percent of the stone filling breakwater, which is the most important part of our airport, has been completed. Considering the entire construction of the airport infrastructure facilities, we have completed close to 40 of the project. ”

Minister Turhan stated that 7 bin 653 concrete blocks were produced for construction and their 5 bin 136 was placed in the breakwater. “ More importantly, we will start construction of the runway, apron and taxiway in November this year. We will also finish the superstructure facilities simultaneously with the infrastructure. Since we attach great importance to this project due to its contribution to the region, we work 19 hours on 250 day because this airport will make an important contribution to the development of Rize and Artvin's city center and districts with tourism potential. Eastern Black Sea Region will contribute to the increase of trade relations with neighboring countries. It will also affect the uninterrupted provision of air transport in the Eastern Black Sea Region. ”

Acak One of the biggest airports in the region ”

Turhan said that the runway length of the airport was built as 3 thousand meters and the width was built as 45 meters, and that it would be connected to the apron via a 265 meter long 24 meter wide taxi.

Turhan pointed out that the airport, which will serve 3 million passengers annually, will be one of the biggest airports in the region with a closed area of ​​approximately 30 thousand square meters and said, nedeniyle Because of this importance, we have increased our target and increased our efforts even though we say that we will open this giant project in 2022. I hope we have updated our work schedule to open this project in October next year. ”

Stating that they do for the nation despite the people who obstruct the airport and try to devalue the projects, Turhan said:

“Istanbul Airport is a clear example of this. As you know, one of the largest airports in the world, we brought it to our country last year without leaving a single penny from the state budget. Istanbul Airport has not only created an additional service capacity for our country. Already, the region has added value to our country as an aviation center by acting as a hub-distributor-transfer-hub (hub) airport. economic and social value-added to Turkey but standing in front of each project to devalue this project and now they are doing their best. 'Not safe, location not good.' They are trying to paste the stickers. Istanbul Airport is one of the few projects in the world with its area of ​​operation and flight security. No matter what they do, they won't be able to change that fact. Istanbul Airport will continue to add value to Istanbul and this country. ”

Minister Turhan, airport, highway, railway, while doing the best for the nation, pointing, "We will criticize this airport when we open the service, but our nation knows the truth and is doing the necessary." He said.

Reminding that they opened the Istanbul-Izmir Highway, which is one of the biggest projects of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan last week, Turhan said:

“Again, we made an investment of 11 billion dollars without leaving a lira from the state budget. For a few days, criticisms have been made on the toll on this project. I drew my attention, 'If you go by road that much lira if you go by air.' they say. We are making our nation to provide services that will make life easier and increase welfare. Our nation knows the truth and gives the answer. Both the airport in Istanbul and the users of the road we have opened are the biggest answer to these criticisms. In the part where we opened Bursa-İzmir highway on the İstanbul-İzmir Highway, we encountered a traffic of 100 in the second part of the capacity and 50 in the last part of the capacity we determined in the first days. ”

Minister Turhan, the nation has no other expectations, satisfaction, politics and the Ministry said that they do for this, the world's largest projects by continuing to serve the public, he said.

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