Rafamet UGE 300N Underfloor Cnc Train Wheel Lathe Overhaul

rafamet uge n underfloor cnc train wheel lathe overhaul
rafamet uge n underfloor cnc train wheel lathe overhaul

CNC Center, wheel lathes, modification, improvement, maintenance and repair is a company with competence. In this direction; The company has transformed an existing universal lathe into a floor-mounted wheel lathe. The converted wheel lathe can process rail wheels in accordance with UIC standards. The machine is turning two bodies with a single command made by CNC. This is done without taking the wheel from the machine or changing its direction. The machine has two mirrors and it is made practical to install the wheel without removing the buvatgres (bearing boxes).

There are two turning chucks on the machine, turning and chamfering processes automatically by first turning one body and then moving to the other body. As a result of turning, the body and wheel diameter are processed according to UIC standards. CNC Center, with the experience in the train sector, the production and design of the above ground Cnc Train Wheel Lathe continues.

The problems of the Cnc machine tools to be revised must be determined exactly and the mechanical and electronic materials required for the operations to be performed must be selected according to the need. Projects without calculating life and performance costs are short-lived and low-yielding.

Rafamet UGE 300N Under Floor Cnc Train Wheel Lathe was able to process 1 wagons per day prior to the revision and consumable consumption was very high. Even this performance could not be performed consistently due to chronic malfunctions. After mechanical and electronic overhaul, 3 wagons run daily and consumables are reduced. Success can only be achieved with the right.

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