TCDD's Historical Building in Ankara

tcdd's historical building in ankara is not sold
tcdd's historical building in ankara is not sold

TCDD's historic building in Ankara was given to Medipol University, which was founded by the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca. Is this only a matter of rent? When we look at the attacks on the structures bearing the spatial traces of our Republic, it can be seen that this is not the case.

CumhuriyetAccording to the news of Mufit Akyos; “My heart stuck when I read this news on the 27 July morning Republican portal. As a child of an old railroad father who lived in Ankara, I could not think of the memories that attacked my brain. The first thing that comes to my mind is the 36-38 hourly Ankara-Erzurum trips that we make with steam trains almost every year. Then, the journeys between Ankara and Istanbul with Bosphorus Express. Knowing not only the station building but also almost every point of the complex built up to high school ages is the source of the rising insurgency within me. The position of TCDD Employment Cooperative in our home economy, the services we received from the small health policlinic, the black hardcover books my father carried to me from the institutional library in the summer, the very high ceiling and marble covered floor of the station building, the huge clocks hanging on the platforms, the hours of preparation of the train train. the seriousness of the staff controlling each wheel with the long-handled little hammer, the custom-designed wooden sofas in the waiting rooms, the divan of the station, the impressive machine power reflected by the white vapors spraying from the locomotives, the white-covered tables of the restaurant that I could eat in the university age, everything about the journey. You can find the station buffet, staffed carriers, special passenger hospitality section we look through the windows with curiosity, the red-cap station in the hands of the station reflects the power of the chef and the first movement of the locomotive roaring to pull the big train when he came to the train and raised his hand hav

Of course, there are many memories to be written and detailed, but the above news covers them all like a black cloud. However, the real journalist Çiğdem Toker told us in advance that they will be in the 1 article in June 2018 in the article titled k Who will rent Ankara Station? ”. According to this article, the “tripartite protocol signed between the Ministry of Finance, TCDD and TOKI at 13 March 2018” was started.

Fast renovation
Made in 1928 and 2 State Railways. The historic building, which was used as the Directorate of Business Administration, which was later converted into a guest house, was given to Medipol University, a building and nursery building where the railroad children in higher education were left. The buildings are ready to be used with rapid renovations.

From what I have seen, it has never been through an unforgiving end to all of the disgraceful, disrespectful, greed of Porto Station, Paris station, Milan Central Station, and the like, which are still used with impressive wall tiles. Is this only a matter of rent? When we look at the attacks on the structures bearing the spatial traces of our Republic in Ankara for the last quarter century, it can be seen that this is not the case. This is another example of the tangible destruction of those who want to directly destroy the Republic and its values ​​by destroying the buildings considered to be the symbol of modernization of the new Republic on the Ulus-Çankaya axis. Unfortunately, the local government of Ankara, which we are complicit in handing over, has a great share in this evil with what it has done to our capital in the last quarter century.

At this point, the first task falls to those who take over the local administrations of Ankara and consider themselves Republican. This task is primarily to carefully protect all traces of the Republic in the capital Ankara and, if possible, to replace the lost. Such a task of course requires patriotism and expertise. As always, we have the right to expect TMMOB and the Chamber of Architects to become the biggest supporters and followers of the issue with their expertise.

Destroying integrity
National Liberation War period and after, beyond the image of a small town, station size, witnessed the founding of the Republic, which Ankara Train Station, the new Turkey working in the Ministry of Public Works in glory to reflect the point where 15 years to be resolved to a station complex 25 years a young architect, Þekip Sabri Akalın. 4 March Construction started in 1935 30 October completed in 1937. After the "Capital of the Republic of Turkey" read an important chapter in the history of our Republic due to the axis of the station, and it is possible to write. With this last looting, the integrity of the railway station is destroyed.

Such a structure, which carries the traces of a very recent past, the bloody train massacre (10 October 2015), and the fact that such a structure bearing the traces of a “pursued” withdrawal from the private hospital patron to a Ministry of Health (TBMM President ' the jingle ears) should not be expected to accept any of the patriotic citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

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  1. it is a lie that the old station and the surrounding area is sold to a foundation university.
    which is not sold after the allocation.