Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal Prepared for the Bayram

intercity bus terminal in Kocaeli
intercity bus terminal in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal is experiencing the density of Kurba Feast. Due to the density of the citizens in a cleaner, more spacious and hygienic environment in addition to the daily cleaning was done in addition to detailed cleaning. 6 thousand 500 square meter closed, 23 thousand square meter open area of ​​the terminal, the only point left uncleaned. By taking additional measures to the possible density, additional cleaning personnel will perform instant and continuous cleaning. There was also extensive cleaning at the rural terminal.

Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal 24 provides services to citizens. Security measures have been increased considering the density of the terminal. The terminal, which serves with the 69 camera, monitors every step taken with a total of 35 security employees. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Police Department security teams working in cooperation with the police teams, both illegal contradictory sellers and illegal transporters will follow to provide employees.

The measures taken at the bus station where repairs, renovation and maintenance work are carried out at many different points from A to Z will enable citizens to realize their transportation at the feast more easily. In the Intercity Bus Terminal, which is called as a sample bus station, a coordination meeting was held by the Bus Station Management and the Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate assigned by the Kocaeli Governorship in order to prevent any possible victimization before the feast. At the meeting; public order, lack of transportation problems, instant solutions, security, cleanliness, entrances and exits, such as the lack of density in the parking lot were discussed.

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