IETT's personnel at Ayazağa Garage Continues

iettnin ayazaga garage staff continues to work
iettnin ayazaga garage staff continues to work

IETT General Directorate Ayazağa garage public transportation service procurement work assigned to the staff, the tender and contract process will continue to work without being affected.

Today, there are reports in some newspapers that kıy IETT is massacred ”and“ 850 IETT driver's contract will be terminated by 31 August ”.

In order to provide more efficient and efficient public transport services in Istanbul in the year of 2018, the General Directorate of IETT conducted public procurement tenders in Ayazağa and Kurtköy garages.

The tenders include maintenance and repair of the vehicles, preparing them for service, and operating the routes in accordance with the schedule determined by the administration.

Each contract is limited to a date by law. This does not mean that the staff will be dismissed.

Firstly, in May, 2018 procured public transportation services in Ayazağa garage for 4 months and upon completion of the tender period, a new contract with a new 12 month contract was signed with a different contractor. During this transition, no employee was dismissed.

Since the current contract for the public transport service procurement work in the Ayazağa garage will be terminated by the end of August, the notification made by the contractor firm to the employees has created a false perception that the work will end.

In order to eliminate this misunderstanding, the General Directorate of IETT sent a text message to the personnel working on 1 in August as “Dear Employee, Public transport service procurement process in your garage is continuing and your business will continue without being affected by the tender processes ihale.

The rights of the employees are also taken into consideration in the tender specifications made in accordance with the public procurement legislation. Following the completion of the contract periods of the firms, the transfer of the existing personnel to the firms undertaking the next job will be provided.

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