Great Convenience in Transportation to Capital

great convenience in the transportation of capital
great convenience in the transportation of capital

📩 20/08/2019 12:02

On the one hand, guests from outside the city on the other hand, the new application launched in the capital to farewell passengers to different cities 7'den 70'e received full marks from citizens.

In line with the requests of the people of Ankara, the "Intercity Download and Pickup Points", which were put into service in 4 different regions with the instruction of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, started to be used by the citizens.


Citizens benefiting from the convenience of transportation, which enables those who travel between cities to travel to the city center and the 4 point on Anatolia, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Dumlupınar and Mevlana Boulevard without going to AŞTİ, expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

AkHakan Ballıoğlu: orum I believe that such downloading and loading points are beneficial for the citizen. I was very pleased to be in the position to go to AŞTİ. ”

-Hüseyin Aydın: oldu It was a very good practice. It was very difficult for citizens to go to AŞTİ and reach their homes from there. I would like to thank the Municipality and the Mayor. ”

-Hüseyin Akıncı: olmuş It was an efficient practice. Previously I had to go to AŞTİ to get on the bus. The point I landed now is that I can go home very comfortably. Thank you very much."

-Aysun Arslan: orum I think it is a very useful service for the citizens and now I will catch up on my bus without entering the city traffic. ”

-Burcu Adanır: “I think it was a good service and practice. Great convenience for us. It had to be done. ”


The Metropolitan Municipality will build indoor areas where inter-city passengers can use summer and winter at points where they can get on and off the road without going to AŞTİ.

The loading and unloading points, which will include buffets, toilets and seating benches, will be expanded in the coming period.

- on the Anatolian Boulevard; 283 in the direction of Gimat. Street with 286. On the part between the street, 286 in the direction of Ring Road. In the section between the Street and the Pedestrian Overpass,

-FATİH SULTAN on MEHMET BULVARI; Istanbul direction subway station at the level of the pre-overpass, 2652 in the direction of the city center. After the street intersection,

-DUMLUPINAR on the Boulevard; After the entrance gate in the direction of the city center (opposite Başkent University entrance road), after Çağlayan Military Facilities in the direction of Eskişehir,

- On the MEVLANA Boulevard; Konya direction before the city gate, city center direction Kepekli Junction side service road

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