The only competitor with THY coach is now competing with high-speed train

THY coaches whose only rival is THY now also compete with high speed trains. TOFED Vice President Mustafa Tekeli, who wants equal competition conditions, said: ına There is a price policy focusing on fuel without excise duty on airlines and occupancy in railways. We are facing unfair competition ”.

In addition to the airline, the road passenger transport sector, which has started to compete with the railway in recent years, wants equal support conditions. indicating that affected much of the time of the Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Turkey Bus Federation (TOFED) Deputy Chairman Mustafa Monopoly said:
Iz Our President participated in the general assembly of our federation. There was a saying in the past that my only competitor was Turkish Airlines and now the High Speed ​​Train is your competitor. Thank you, accept. It needs to be done. But our demand is that the airlines are given fuel without excise duty. They can pull their prices down. The state is already making the railways. It is not possible to understand the price policy there. There is a price policy over occupancy only. It doesn't matter how many pounds it fills.


We are facing unfair competition. We say let's compete, but on equal terms. May their support be given to us. The simplest fuel without excise duty. Even if the fuel is already excise duty, ticket prices are reduced by one third. YHT, 3 hours 45 minutes going to Pendik. An express bus goes from Ankara to Istanbul Alibeyköy at 5 hour. And when you go with your belongings, you go down in Pendik and pass through death. Therefore, YHT did not affect us. There are already too many train sets in the hands of the state. He travels to and from Eskisehir with his train. Package from Ankara to Eskişehir. Empty after Eskisehir. Our Konya and Eskişehir lines were affected from the train.


Another problem we pay in the bus station. The vehicle pays the average 250 TL garage exit fee when it comes to the road. There is a price communiqué issued by the Ministry. One is sleeping in Ankara, Eskisehir, Bursa. Collection is made above the ceiling price set by the state. ”


Mustafa Tekeli, who is also the President of Ankara Intercity Bus Operators and Agencies Association, said that holiday activity will start late in AŞTİ. Monopoly, “In order to have a high density of schools should be open. We should have started a week before the feast. There is no such thing right now. There will be density in the 15 and 16 of the month before the feast. We expect a little bit of intensity in the morning of the 17. Generally, departures from Ankara are intense and turns are rare. For the return we will also move a little on Sunday evening. As expected, there is not a very large density. If there is already a density in the lists, you open additional times. But now there is no situation that requires additional expedition. Everything is going normal ”.

Günceleme: 06/12/2018 18:10

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