Superstructure Mobilization on Erzurum Çat Road

ustyapi mobilization on the road to cat
ustyapi mobilization on the road to cat

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, without changing the face of the city's investment and projects, as well as basic municipal services are running without disruption. Yıldızkent Roof Road TOKİ's Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its tile, curb and asphalt works uninterruptedly, demonstrates the diversity of service as well as the sensitivity of equality. Mayor Mehmet Sekmen underlined that they did not separate any area within the responsibility area of ​​the Metropolitan Municipality and said, için For us, whatever the city center is, it is the road to Çat. Yıldızkent is no different from Hilalkent and Şükrüpaşa is no different from Dadaşkent. Wherever there is a need for service in Erzurum, the Metropolitan is there. ”


Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, Yıldızkent Çat Road TOKİ Housing route reported that they carry out a feverish work. Metropolitan teams on the one hand asphalt, on the other hand, pavement, tile and curb array, such as concentrating on the work of superstructure President Sekmen, in line with the planning of all the main arteries in this region will be renewed, he said. Recalling that Erzurum City Hospital, which will soon open its doors to service, will increase the traffic and pedestrian circulation on the roof of the roof, President Sekmen stated that all measures have been taken for this purpose and said: We have also undergone a special revision of the roof road. We carried out road widening at some points and pedestrian priority traffic at some points. Our teams are currently covering this route with a very qualified asphalt. In addition, our curb and tile work continues at full speed. ”


On the other hand, Mayor Mehmet Sekmen stated that the municipal teams will continue to work uninterruptedly until the end of the season and said, rutin We continue to provide routine municipal services as planned. It is our greatest aim to provide qualified services to every point of the city and to ensure that everyone benefits equally. ”



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