Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Center transferred to Metropolitan Municipality

Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Center were transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality: Mehmet Sekmen, the Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, stated at the press conference that the transfer of Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Centers, which are under the Prime Ministry Privatization Administration, was given to them, after which the facilities would be eliminated within the municipality and provide better quality service.

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, Deputy Mayor of Erzurum, Eyüp Tavlaşoğlu, Deputy Secretary General Selami Keskin and members of the press attended the press conference held at Palandöken Cafe 25 facilities.

Speaking to journalists about the transfer of ski resorts at the meeting, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Sekmen stated that the acquisition of Palandöken and Konaklı ski centers has been fully realized. Sekmen said, “Our wish was to take the management of Palandöken and Konaklı Ski centers. The takeover took place completely. We wanted to introduce the status of these facilities to the press members. I would like to share with you the differences between remote management and decentralization of a business. These facilities have been here for years, but the problems of people who come and ski here have not been solved. I would like to tell you how quickly these problems are resolved. This is exactly what we aim to buy these facilities. " said.

"Giant projects from Metropolitan for Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Centers"

Palandöken and Konaklı Ski centers that have been handed over and there are big shortcomings in the previous years, and the Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Sekmen said:

“There are major deficiencies in our Palandöken and Konaklı ski centers. I first want to count the shortcomings of Palandöken Ski Center. We have a lack of parking. Citizens who come here have difficulty in this situation. Information offices need to be established, we want to build public cafeterias. The biggest shortcoming is that we also have female skiers and there is no sink. We will do this. We have a shortage of mosques. We are planning to establish hot / cold beverage stations on the tracks. Our incoming citizens to drink something hot / cold after skiing. We will work on the water retention of the pond. We will establish a Palandöken-Konaklı transportation line to solve the problems for transportation. Our other shortcomings are, we will open closed tracks. Ejder, valley, like track 27. Operation of gondola 2 lift, correct operation of ski pass ticket system, maintenance and repair of artificial snowing system and machine equipment. There is a lack of security cameras. A team and equipment must be set up with a search, rescue and evacuation action plan. 4 lift systems should be rebuilt, there is no current map of the mountain, it needs to be redrawn. Nursing homes are insufficient and there are heating and infrastructure problems. All buildings have problems getting water from the roof and the ground, so the buildings need to be maintained. There are no information screens in the mountains and the city. The runways have infrastructure and water channel problems. There is no market for citizens and hotel customers. Finally, citizens have to go to the city center because of the lack of cash machines. We will try to make up for these shortcomings. Konaklı ski center is the same with the shortcomings in Palandöken. However, due to the wrong positioning of our Konaklı ski center, there is strong wind in the area and for this reason, the facilities can remain open for only 135 days of 30 ski days. "

"We made a 4-point agreement for the arrival of Russian Tourists"

Mehmet Sekmen, Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, said, “When I met with the Consul General of the Russian Federation to Trabzon, Dmitry Talanov, I asked how we will bring your citizens here. Later, we mutually made a 4-point agreement. In line with these articles, we will strengthen the seasonal holiday ties between Russia and Erzurum. In addition, our efforts continue to ensure that Russian tourists come to Erzurum or businessmen from Erzurum can comfortably go to Russia. " He spoke in the form.

After completion of the handover ceremony, Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Sekmen visited the Palandöken Ski Center with the members of the press.

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