150 Thousand Passengers Moved in Akçaray Tram Festival

bus and tram thousand passengers moved to the holiday feast
bus and tram thousand passengers moved to the holiday feast

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality announced a free number of buses and trams on the Feast of Sacrifice came to a record number. Buses and Akçaray Tram brought the citizens to where they wanted to go by working vizily. Thousand passengers were transported by Bus and Tram 370 during Eid al-Adha. Feast of the citizens of the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli does not suffer the citizens met with positive feedback.

89 EVEN 336 BUS
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality announced that buses and trams will be free of charge during the festival. Feast of citizens to their loved ones comfortable, safe and full-time effort to reach the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 89 even 336 bus served the citizens. Buses providing free services provided transportation to the average 220 thousand people during the feast.

Another transportation tool that provides free service to citizens was the Akçaray Tram. The trams, which are preferred by the citizens of Kocaeli, were met with great interest during the festival. The 18 tram and the 20 km line have the fastest access from one point of the city to the other. During the holiday, an average of 150 thousand people used the tram. Buses and trams, which are preferred by passengers, are provided with clean, spacious and friendly staff.

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