Direct connection from China to London
41 Kocaeli

Direct Connection from China to London

Minister Turhan, DP World Yarımca Harbor Railway Connection at the opening speech at the ceremony, borders, surrounded by more than the sea from the 70 percent three continents passageway located in Turkey, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean, the Suez Canal and the Arabian Peninsula and [more…]

smart balance
46 Kahramanmaras

Smart Solution to Balance Status in Kahramankart

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality public transportation services, closely following the rapidly developing technological developments within the scope of Smart Transportation, public transportation vehicles to provide convenience for citizens to reach the ticket to contact with the Contactless Card, Mobile payment NFC boarding (Mobile [more…]

asphalt work on the boulevard waiting for service for years
01 Adana

Ceyhan's Asphalt Work on 20 Avenue

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Department of Road Branch Directorate teams, Ceyhan District Inonu Boulevard began paving works. Paving stones removed during the road work will be converted into service. Inonu Boulevard, one of the busiest streets of Ceyhan [more…]

melbourne tram runs completely with solar energy
61 Australia

Melbourne Tram Works on Solar Power

Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, which aims to increase its renewable energy target by 50 percent, operates the entire tram network in the city with solar energy. Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia, will operate the entire city's tram network with solar power [more…]

muscle group maintenance
07 Antalya

Maintenance of Kaş's Group Roads

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out maintenance and repair works on deteriorated roads in winter. Sütleğen, Yuvacık, Yayla Çavdır, Yayla Bonito and Çamköy group roads of Kaş district are made safer. Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department teams [more…]

tcdd strategic plan
06 Ankara

TCDD 2019-2023 Strategic Plan Initiated

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) prepared by the Strategic Plan covering the period 2019-2023, 08.07.2019 Presidency of the Presidential Strategy and Budget approved at the date of entry into force. In the Plan; The mission and vision of TCDD have been established as a result of the restructuring efforts. [more…]

tender bult

RayHaber 30.07.2019 Tender Bulletin

Rain Water Network and Concreting Works Will Be Performed Survey Project Service Will Be Taken Similar Railway Road and Cable Car NewsRayHaber 25.01.2019 Tender Bulletin 25 / 01 / 2019 There are no tender records for 25.01.2019 on our system.RayHaber 04.02.2019 Tender Bulletin 04 / 02 / 2019 [more…]

Yahya is not against the captain tram
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Yahya Is Not Against The Captain's Tram

Remzi Özkan, the chairman of the CHP İzmit Yahya Captain Neighborhood Assembly, said about the recent tension in the neighborhood, “We are not against the tram. All our aim is to ensure the preservation of greenery in addition to the realization of the transportation solution ”CHP MAHALLE ASSEMBLY MEETED From Özgürkocaeli [more…]