black box period starts on samulas buses
55 Samsun

The Black Box Period Starts at SAMULAŞ Buses

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ'ın Academy Trainings initiated by the last Bus Management 'Saving, Safe, Comfortable Journey' themes are being processed. General Manager Tamgacı announced that a total of 110 buses will switch to 'Vehicle Telemetry (Karakutu)' system. [more…]

metrobus accident injured in uskudarda
34 Istanbul

Metrobus Accident in Uskudar! 10 Injured

Metrobus Accident in Uskudar! 10 Injured. A metrobus crashed in front of a metrobus at the Burhaniye station in Üsküdar, Istanbul, and the driver and 10 passengers were injured, according to initial reports. According to information obtained, Söğütlüçeşme 15 July Martyrs [more…]

traffic safety studies in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Traffic Safety In Progress In Eskişehir

Traffic Safety Works are in progress in Eskişehir. Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Traffic Branch Directorate teams in the city center and the countryside asphalt roads in the countryside with road line painting traffic [more…]

dive and bridges on the roadside
41 Kocaeli

Bridge, Dalcik and Roadside Railings Painted in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, while carrying out the superstructure works that bring comfort to transportation parts of these structures over time and deteriorating appearance does not neglect to intervene. In this context, the intersection provided by the Metropolitan Municipality to the city, [more…]