renault sales nearly fell
16 Bursa

Renault Sales Down About 7!

The Renault Group was able to resist the 7,1 decline in the global market, shrinking 6,7 percent, and 1 maintained its 938 market share with million 579 thousand 4,4 vehicle sales. In the second half of the year, the group [more…]

murat sevdalilari met in bilecik
11 Bilecik

Murat 124 Lovers Met in Bilecik

Murat 124 lovers met in Bilecik at the event which was realized with the contributions of Bilecik Municipality. From Istanbul to Kahramanmaraş, from Adana to İzmir, the event brought together classical lovers from 81 city and started with the camp established in Pelitözü Gölpark. After a city tour, the Sheikh [more…]

terminal junction traffic opened
38 Kayseri

Terminal Storey Junction Opened to Traffic

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality on Osman Kavuncu Boulevard Terminal Junction on the intersection of the multi-storey junction was opened to traffic. Speaking during the opening of the investment of TL million 25 Mayor Dr.. Memduh Büyükkılıç, related to his person and Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

domestic automobile conversion from Kardemir
78 Karabuk

Domestic Automobile Transformation from Kardemir!

Karabük Iron and Steel Industry and Trade Inc. (KARDEMIR), the integration of the automotive industry and become a good supplier reported that the company's strategic goal. With a participatory and transparent management approach, both the region and our country's economy [more…]

alanyaspora cable car news
07 Antalya

Good news from the cable car to Alanyaspor

Mayor Murat Yücel put the end of the debate about the promise of "12 lira per passenger to Alanyaspor" from the cable car that carries 1 thousand people every day: "The promise given will be kept" According to the news of Mehmet Al from Sabah; “2 years in Alanya district of Antalya [more…]

spindle high-speed trains on te rails
06 Ankara

National High Speed ​​Trains on the Rails in 2023

National High Speed ​​Trains are on the Rails in 2023. It is planned that high-speed trains will be completely domestic until 2023. According to the report of Miray Cimen from Akşam; "With the government's support Turkey gave to the domestic industry, the railways have to become the voice of the world [more…]

samsung bogazici countdown started in the intercontinental swimming race
34 Istanbul

Countdown has begun in Samsung Bosphorus Crosscontinental Swimming Race

The Samsung Bosphorus Intercontinental Swimming Race, which sports fans await with great enthusiasm, with the support of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will be held on July 21. The Samsung Bosphorus Intercontinental Swimming Race, considered the best open water swimming organization in the world, with the support of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

used vehicle sector
41 Kocaeli

Used Vehicle Sector Institutionalized

With the expertise imposed on the used vehicle market, an atmosphere of trust is established between buyers and sellers, and the problems in the sector are rapidly decreasing. Investments of corporate companies that have the necessary service certificates continue at full speed. In Kocaeli-Izmit [more…]

interest in owl flights is increasing in izmir
35 Izmir

Interest in Owl Expeditions Increases in Izmir

Among the first 100 days projects of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, the "Owl" flights attract great attention in public transportation. The number of people benefiting from the application is increasing day by day. Since July 18, the Baykush ferryboats on Thursday nights. [more…]

train accident injured in france
33 France

Train Accident in France, 4 Dead 4 Injured

4 people were killed and 4 people were injured in a train accident in Avenay-Val-d'or city of Marne region in the north of France. Train in the city of Avenay-Val-d'or in the Reims region in the northeast of France, collided with a car. French National [more…]

buca metro line
35 Izmir

Buca Subway Will Be Driverless

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality aims to solve the necessary financing for Buca Metro Line by means of international credit, to tender in six months, to start construction in 2020 and to open 13,5 kilometer line in five years. Buca [more…]