pedestrian priority application
45 Manisa

Pedestrian Priority Application in Kula

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality to the points determined in the districts; Within the scope of the assembly works of "Pedestrian First" icons, which express pedestrian priority, stripes indicating pedestrian priority were also drawn in various streets of Kula district. Ensuring pedestrian safety and superiority in traffic, life and property [more…]

unauthorized revision of narlidere subway construction
35 Izmir

Unauthorized Revision in Narlıdere Metro

The revisions made by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the construction of Narlıdere Metro attracted attention. SABAH revealed that the revision was made without the approval of the Ministry of Transport According to the report of Ercan Gürcaner from Sabah; "The information and documents obtained about Narlıdere Metro were sent to Izmir public opinion. [more…]

abuse and rape themed dream wagon
26 Eskisehir

'Abuse and Rape' Themed Dream Wagon in Eskisehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality supported the Dream Wagon Project initiated by the Furya Association. Furya Association, which carries out awareness raising activities and awareness in the society with the cards hung on the handles of the trams, draws attention to the issue with the "Abuse and Rape" themed cards in Eskişehir. Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

flag of the tram
35 Izmir

BayraklıTram Good News to!

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer and Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe at her work on Sunday Bayraklı toured the streets. Bayraklı The delegation, hosted by Mayor Serdar Sandal, toured the district with the vice-presidents and relevant directors, [more…]

itululer his formula tool in Italy
34 Istanbul

ITU Racing Club Students Formula Car in Italy

The electric and driverless BeElectric-01 vehicle designed by Istanbul Technical University Racing Club students will compete at Formula Student, which will be held in Italy on July 24. BeElectric-01, an electric and autonomous driverless vehicle, is preparing to compete in Formula Student Italy. By design 2017 [more…]