korfez transport expands its railway fleet
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Gulf Transportation Expands Railway Fleet

Tüpraş's subsidiary, Körfez Transportation A.Ş., operating in the field of railway transportation, has received five diesel-electric PowerHaul® series locomotives produced within the scope of TÜLOMSAŞ - Wabtec cooperation. New locomotives with superior efficiency, reliability [more…]

Saudi Arabia agreed for hyperloop train
966 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Agreed for Hyperloop Train

Saudi Arabia, Hyperloop train tube work began with the priority of Virgin Hyperloop One company. With this system, the train journey will be reduced from 10 hours to 76 minutes. A new generation of Hyperloop trains, suggesting that they are coming from the future with their appearance [more…]

tight control of motorcycle use in the park
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Strict Control of Motorcycle Use in Sekapark

Sekapark, one of the attraction centers of Kocaeli, is one of the places where citizens breathe. The Metropolitan Municipality, which allows the citizens who come to Sekapark with their families to spend time with peace of mind, is forbidden to use in green areas and bicycle paths. [more…]

road works of izmir democracy university started
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Road Works of Izmir Democracy University Started

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has initiated studies for the roads of the campus area of ​​Izmir Democracy University to be established in the land next to the TOKI residences. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches great importance to education, is in the campus of Democracy University in Uzundere, Karabağlar. [more…]