İmamoğlu: 'Mecidiyeköy Mahmutbey Metro Will Be One Of The Busiest Lines In Istanbul'

mecidiyekoy mahmutbey metro will be one of the busiest lines of istanbul
mecidiyekoy mahmutbey metro will be one of the busiest lines of istanbul

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluput on the helmet with his name on it, put on his vest and Kabataş-Mahmutbey made investigations with the staff at the subway construction site. Answering journalists' questions at the entrance of the metro tunnel, Imamoglu said, “Istanbul needs the metro a lot. The number one actor of Istanbul in transportation must be the metro. Because we don't fit on the ground. We have to use the bottom of the ground at the maximum level. ” Imamoglu, one of the female journalists, Head of Rail Systems Department Assoc. Dr. The question "Can we say that the transportation of Istanbul is entrusted to women", which comes to Pelin Alpkökin, said, "I am not a tolerance for this woman in trusting women. The woman's right. Because half or even half of the society is a little more than women in Istanbul. Therefore, it makes us happy that the woman is entrepreneur and the woman deserves to be where she deserves. He makes me happy on behalf of my daughter and my wife. ”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, under construction Kabataş-Make investigations on Mahmutbey metro line. İmamoğlu's İBB Secretary General Yavuz Erkut, Deputy Secretary General for Transportation Orhan Demir and Rail Systems Department Head Assoc. Dr. Pelin Alpkökin also accompanied. İmamoğlu wandered the construction site with a red vest and a hard hat written on his name within the scope of occupational safety. İmamoğlu, who received information about the construction from the authorities, made examinations on the train in the platform. Numerous press members following the IMM President competed to see İmamoğlu in the train. Strolling across a large area of ​​construction site, Imamoglu gave journalists information about the construction of the metro in front of the entrance to the metro tunnel.

“One of the points to take breath in Istanbul”
“24,5 kilometers Kabataş"We are in the workshop maintenance area of ​​the line of Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro Line," said İmamoğlu, "This area is about 150 thousand square meters. The metro is planned without a driver. In this area, both control and maintenance areas have been produced. This line is a busy line. There is a daily target of 500-600 thousand people in two directions. Therefore, it will be one of the busiest lines of Istanbul. It's a long line. It passes through 8 busy districts. When you look at it functionally, there are very intense transfers at some stops, Kabataşas in. At some points it combines with different means of transportation. KabataşThere are funicular, tram and sea lines in. It has a connection with metrobus in Mecidiyeköy. In Eyüp, it merges with the Eyüp-Eminönü Tram Line. One of the points that will breathe Istanbul. ”

İmamoğlu thanked everyone who worked on the metro line and said, “This kind of work is important. Starting from design, financing, producer companies, engineers, working friends, contributors to this process in our municipality, everyone is an important member of this process. In January, 2020 is expected to start the first ride. Of course, during this time trial trials, safety-related measures are very very important. The main part of the process is spent in this area. We hope that in the first month of 2020, we will make sure that the first stage of this line between Mecidiyeköy and Mahmutbey will be used safely for our people. Here, the 5 of the vehicles has landed, the 15 is being prepared. There are both environmentally friendly and disabled friendly subway vehicles. Vehicles are manufactured in Adapazarı. Large and spacious vehicles that facilitate the travel of our disabled citizens. An innovative line in these aspects. Istanbul needs a lot of metro. The number one actor in Istanbul should be the metro. Because we don't fit on the ground. We have to use the ground to the maximum. ”

Sharing the information that there is a 221,7 kilometer rail system line currently under construction in Istanbul, İmamoğlu said: “80 kilometers of this is done by the Ministry of Transport. The rest of the remaining 140 kilometers are made by IMM. There are those who continue to be tendered. Unfortunately, there are those that have been stopped now. There are even contracts but not started. We examine it completely. We want to carry out this process with strict control. There are also lines that have been stopped due to economic problems. We examine them. We are interested in producing remedies. That's how they were before we started working. What troubles they have, we examine it. We are working intensively to create new financial resources. Of course, we will again manage this dialogue with the companies that have their jobs installed. Of course, at what level are the lines stopped, these are also technically important. Because there are different functional points such as tunnel stages, station points, maintenance areas. If the ones stopped at the tunnel point have a technical problem, we will look at it. As a result, we have built on the metro lines. Could it be a problem, our analysis continues at this point. We have analyzes of why those who have never started are not. Our ongoing action plan is to remove the obstacles to their rapid activation, as the ongoing 221-kilometer lines will contribute greatly to Istanbul's transport order. This is the window we're looking at. I hope we are both Kabataş-Mahmutbey Line and other lines meet with Istanbul residents as soon as possible. These works will be managed at our solution tables with all actors. Together with public institutions and companies, we will mobilize towards a solution. Rail systems are very valuable for metro Istanbul. ”

Imamoglu, then answered questions from journalists. IMM President, “At very important points, there are subways left at the tunnel stage. First of all, are there any points you have identified? At this point I do not want to say something like this and arouse a concern. But of course we also observe that there is a risk. Construction processes require continuity. It is very risky to interrupt some construction phases. I've been in a different part of this. Therefore, it is very important to continue and finish. In this context we look holistically. Has it been stopped? Where was it stopped? If it is going to stop for a while, we will investigate with our friends what are the additional actions to be taken to take the measures. We will eliminate the risks that will put Istanbulites at risk in these neglected areas ”.

Imamoglu asked the question whether women journalists would increase the number of women executives in IMM and said, kadınlar Of course, our next colleagues will be women. We see a small number of female employees come together at the exit to take pictures ”and answered the words Assoc. Dr. Pelin Alpkökin'e left. Alpkökin said, orum Thank you very much. I've been assigned since Friday. From the moment we are appointed, we are constantly working on the issues that our president says from morning to late at night. We will solve the problems together in a plan. We have a strong team. Each of these will be solved by taking the necessary measures in turn. Our trains will be offered to the public quickly. ”

Imamoğlu, “Can we say that the transportation of Istanbul entrusted to women” the question, “I, this woman is not a tolerance for trusting women. The woman's right. Because half of the society, even more than half of the women in Istanbul. Therefore, we are happy that the woman is an entrepreneur and that the woman deserves her place. It makes my daughter and wife happy. In this respect, the steps we have taken, our appointments, the women candidates who will work from our deputy secretaries to other departments are experts in this field. They're not people who are assigned because they're women. People appointed because they are experts. Let's underline this. All our friends are here to produce business to work hand in hand arm in arm. There are talented people. The human resource is with us again. We have friends who are involved in the process. We welcome and applaud the appreciation made from past to present. What will be done after this is again for the people of Istanbul. It is ours who will do it. As long as we look at it completely. The main thing is to produce business for Istanbul residents, to produce services. Transportation is the first problem of Istanbul. When the woman touches her hand, I guess the points we have not seen will be seen. Touch with precision. I wish you success ”. Imamoglu, from journalists, "Jealous did not ask" the question, "No, not jealous. They won't be jealous because of their wives and their daughters, if any ı.

Imamoğlu'na also conveyed problems related to the metrobus. İmamoğlu asked this question: “Our Metrobus vehicles need serious changes. There are both obsolete vehicles and the wrong way of transportation causes accidents. We have some determinations about changing them. I hear very interesting comments on 1 per month. 'Behold, it would solve the transportation problem,' he said. At the same time, we know that a metrobus vehicle causes people to accumulate due to insufficient capacity. There are also companies that specialize in this field and produce domestic vehicles. We're in touch with them. Of course, there are parts that we will quickly rehabilitate and commission quickly, but the complete solution of the work is really a serious vehicle renewal there. it is not a situation but we are in a position to overcome some problems with a rehabilitation ”.

Imamoglu, “Will you use the Dutch company buses waiting in the garages” the question, “Now we will look. I don't know if we can make a museum. Of course, there were some works in which the wrong steps were taken. In other words, vehicles that were not suitable for the topography of Istanbul were purchased. Serious money was spent. These are sad things. I believe that. Even within that circle you see, there are people who represent reason, science, and labor. Everyone knows I don't have to know everything. There are experts in this business. Sit down in detail every job, every organization, every project, that is a system to make a complete ability, of course, but we accept it completely. With funding, for example, if funding is costly, this is not a capability. The best price here to add the right or the right tool to incorporate or reduce the risks during manufacturing. This capability, our people have hallelujah in Turkey. We need another talent. The ability of the manager to be able to deliver the job to the people. Not saying I know about everything. We're gonna do it. We will have new BRT lines..

 Imamoglu, after answering questions from members of the press working with the women working in the site separately took photos. Imamoglu, then came together with all employees in the collective photo shoot. Many employees queued to “selfie ile with İmamoğlu.

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