Maintenance of Kaş's Group Roads

muscle group maintenance
muscle group maintenance

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out maintenance and repair works on deteriorated roads in winter. Sütleğen, Yuvacık, Yayla Çavdır, Yayla Bonito and Çamköy group roads of Kaş district are made safer.

Metropolitan Municipality Department of Rural Services teams as well as new roads and asphalt work, as well as the maintenance and repair work of the group road is continuing uninterrupted. The teams also work on group roads that are deformed due to heavy rainfall during the winter months. 5 connected to the district of Kas, a road that connects the neighborhood to the border of Mugla Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services responsible for the work carried out on the road to the Municipality Isa Akdemir, Çamlıköy Neighborhood Headman Candan Yılmaz and Yayla Palamut District Headman Orhan Kaya examined the place.


Infrastructure teams of the Department of Rural Services, Sütleğen, Yuvacık, Yayla Çavdır, Yayla Palamut and Çamlıköy neighborhoods deformed areas of the group road over time with business machines, then the road is filled with filling material is compacted with roller. In addition, the teams make the road safer by filling with hard rocks in areas where the road is slipping.

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