Bursalılar Attention! Bursaray's Kulturpark-152 Houses are Closed Between Stations


An important statement came from BURULAŞ concerning the users of Bursaray. According to the statement, 29-30 July and 1-2 between August and Bursar'ın Culture Park and 152 Evler stations between 23.10 stations will be terminated after XNUMX'dan.

The statement from BURULAŞ is as follows: ”29-30 In July and 1-2 August 2019 will increase passenger capacity by% 60 and decrease the waiting time. Operation between the closed stations will be done by bus transfer. Our passengers coming from Emek / University direction can be transferred to Kültürpark station and Kestel / Arabayatağı direction from 152 Evler station to buses.

Line Length (Double Line) 39 km
Warehouse Lines 9,9 km
Number of Stations 38 (7 Pieces Underground)
Energy Type 1500 V DC
Energy Feed Type Catanery
Maximum Speed 70 km / h
Rail Width 1435mm
Minimum Horizontal Curve 110 m
Platform Height 120 m

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