darusselam morogoro railway test drive
255 Tanzania

Test Drive on Dar es Salaam Morogoro Railway

First test drive with the participation of Tanzanian Transport Minister Isack A. Kamwelwe, TRC General Director Masanja Kadogosa and Korail DSM Project Manager Jong Hoon Cho in the DSM (Dar es Salaam Morogoro) SGR project in the United Republic of Tanzania on 06.07.2019 [more…]

tcdd transporter will make the purchase of labor machinist
06 Ankara

TCDD Transportation will procure labor machinist

TCDD Transportation Inc. Directorate of KPSS score without the requirement of the Machinist Workers will be hired. Candidates to be included in the list to be notified by İŞKUR will submit documents on 08.08.2019-09.08.2019 dates. Candidates will submit the documents in person. Delivering documents and accepting documents [more…]

Larende Altgecidi Lighting
70 Karaman

Larende Underpass Illuminated

Larende Underpass is Illuminated: Karaman Municipality Science Works teams have started lighting work at the Larende Underpass exit. Karaman Municipality continues its lighting works in areas with insufficient lighting. At the wheat market exit of the Larende Underpass, connecting the center of Karaman with Larende [more…]

Bus service to mismispark fair area starts to be organized
44 Malatya

Bus Schedules to Mişmişpark Fair Area

23. Due to the international Malatya Culture and Art activities and the Apricot Festival, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality has started to organize bus services to Mişmişpark Fairgrounds. 7 From Sunday to July 14.00 to 24.00 hours, every hour at the Grand Bazaar [more…]

breathtaking show of turkish stars in trabzon skies
61 Trabzon

Breathtaking Show of Turkish Stars in Trabzon Skies

Turkish Stars, the only aerobatic team performing in the world with 8 supersonic aircraft, performed a demonstration flight in the city with the organization of Trabzon Governorship, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality and Ortahisar Municipality. Thousands of people stationed around Ortahisar coast and Hagia Sophia Museum [more…]

iettden new line
34 Istanbul

Additional Line from İETT to Yeniköy Maslak Line

Due to the ongoing paving work on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Istanbulites traveling between the two sides of the Bosphorus show great interest in the İstinye-Cubuklu Ferry and the Beykoz-Yeniköy engine. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality IETT General Directorate, Busy passenger on the Yeniköy-İstinye-Maslak Metro direction [more…]

yildonumunde corlunun tcddden love video
59 Corlu

'We Carry Love' Video from TCDD on Çorlu Anniversary

On the anniversary of the train disaster in Çorlu, TCDD Transportation has released a video on its Twitter account under the title 'We Carry Love'. Families reacted to the video on the anniversary of the disaster. Hundreds of people lost their lives 25 people injured in Turkey Corlu anniversary of train disaster [more…]

Signed in the domestic car
06 Ankara

Signed in the domestic car

Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG), 2021 parts of the electric SUV models in the series will begin production of Automotive Supply Industry (TAYSAD) will produce members. Turkey began negotiations with the company 62 Automobile Enterprise Group, has signed an agreement with some. With over 400 members [more…]

otokar family met in traditional sunnet solen
54 Sakarya

Otokar Family Meets at Traditional Circumcision Feast

6, the third of the circumcision feast traditionally organized by Koç Group company Otokar for working children, took place on July Saturday at Otokar's Sakarya plant. With the participation of the circumcised 215 children and their families, guests close to 800 had an unforgettable day. [more…]

bird and wind barrier to istanbul airport
34 Istanbul

Bird and Wind Barrier to Istanbul Airport!

Turkey, one of the largest investment and one of the largest airports have question marks regarding the determination of Istanbul's third airport brought to life in the world continues. Last week's Istanbul-Antalya expedition entered a flock of birds and the cockpit window cracked [more…]

sabiha gokcene captain
34 Istanbul

Distant Istanbul Airport Helped Sabiha Gökçen

International flights at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport increased by 2018 percent last month compared to the same period of 31, reaching 1 million 193 thousand. Due to the distance of the new airport, tourists prefer Sabiha Gökçen. New airport of Atatürk Airport [more…]

adana mersin railroad
01 Adana

6 Death on the Mersin Mersin Railway Road

While the repercussions of the freight train that made the Adana-Mersin flight hitting the service vehicle carrying Syrian agricultural workers continued, it was revealed that 6 people lost their lives in accidents in the last 17 years. It was a level crossing of a freight train running the Adana-Mersin flight Syrian agriculture [more…]

yenimahalle sentepe cable car maintenance work
06 Ankara

Yenimahalle Şentepe Cable Car Maintenance Works

3 of Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car line, which provides alternative access to capital citizens. and 4. will not be able to serve for about a month due to planned heavy maintenance between stations. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate of Rail Systems Department, cable car [more…]

Foundation of Ankara Konya High Speed ​​Train Project

Today in History: 8 July 2006 Ankara-Konya

Today in History July 8, 1954 the first night match was played between Demirspor with Genclerbirligi in Ankara, Turkey. 8 July 2006 The foundation of the Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Train Project, which will reduce Ankara-Konya to 70 minutes, was laid by the Minister of Transport, Binali Yıldırım. 8 [more…]