the festival of vosvos has begun
52 Army

The Voivodeship Festival Begins

Volkswagen's legendary Bettle model, which is sympathetic all over the world, will start the Monday (today) of the Festival of Voices, which will take a week's tour of the Ordu highlands. Turkey's close to 200 from around the Bug [more…]

volkswagen plant in konya also aspired
42 Konya

Volkswagen Facility Demands Konya

Konya Chamber of Commerce (KTO) President Selcuk Ozturk, "German manufacturing giant plans to Wolkswagen of production facilities in Turkey, we began our efforts to gain Konya," he said. persuaded to invest more in Turkey it is about 10 years [more…]

gordes roads ctp and snow cubes
45 Manisa

CTP and Snow Bar on Gordes Roads

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, heavy snowfall in the winter season, connected to the town of Gordes Kalemoglu, flowers, Dutluca 24 kilometer CTP and snow bar made the work. Gördes district of Manisa [more…]

bursa emir sultanda car park accelerated
16 Bursa

Bursa Emir Sultan Car Park Accelerated

The Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated the parking works in order to stop the buses used by the convoys coming to visit the Emir Sultan in Bursa regularly. With his team, Derebahçe and Emir Bukhari Cultural Center located in the region [more…]