Smart Solution to Balance Status in Kahramankart's

smart balance
smart balance

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality has been following the rapidly developing technological developments in the public transportation services and has started the service of boarding with Contactless Card, Mobile payment NFC boarding (Mobile Phone) and SMS loading service within the scope of Smart Transportation in order to provide convenience to citizens who use public transportation vehicles.

Insufficient balance, time to refill, no lost or forgotten hero cards! When you get on public transport, you will now be able to travel for a Full Fee (2,50TL) by having your Mobile payment NFC boarding pass (Mobile Phone) or contactless card swiped to the ticket reader. Moreover, non-contact credit card boarding citizens will pay the amount they use on the next account cut date.

Furthermore, Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality, which has developed its services in Kahramankart in terms of loading money, offers many innovations to its citizens. Kahramankarts are also provided with the ability to load balance via SMS. This method is also given to the recent troubles with filling a first in Turkey. Citizens, Kahramankart information and the amount they will load by sending SMS, card filling can be performed easily.

Citizens who want to make kahramankart'a SMS; MARAS, leaving a space between them, the HERO CARD NUMBER, the last 2 digits before the last 4 digits and the amount to be loaded (10TL, 15TL, 20TL, 25TL and 30TL) by typing the amount to be loaded to the hero can be loaded to the hero.

Now every mobile phone also functions as a card refill machine. You can download any card you want at any time of the day using the features of KahramanKart Mobile application you will download from the internet. And without paying service. With this application our citizens can now perform 7 / 24 card refill.

Günceleme: 30/07/2019 15:44

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