YHT Accused in Accident

yht accidentally machinist sucladi
yht accidentally machinist sucladi

Investigation into the high-speed train accident in Ankara, where the 9 died, was extended to TCDD managers. Prosecutors conducting the investigation, TCDD Regional Manager Duran Yaman who changed the train traffic in the region before the accident 4 day, YHT Gar Deputy Director Kadir Oğuz and YHT Gar Regional Directorate of Traffic and Station Management Service Manager Unal Sayıner took the statement as suspicious. Noting that the trains do not have the duty to control the hours of service, Sayıner, in his testimony, accused the engineer who died in the accident.

13 December 2018 3 in Ankara within the scope of the investigation carried out by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, among the XNUMX personnel was arrested by the switchman Osman Yildirim. Arrested insurgent Yildirim, Kadir Oguz, accused him of never checking until this time.

According to Alican Uludağ's report in Cumhuriyet, Ünal Sayıner's statement was taken first as a witness and then as a suspect. In his statement, Sayıner accused the deceased YHT mechanics and stated the following: “The collision occurred because the YHT number 06.30, which was departing from Ankara YHT Station at 81201:1, was sent from the Line 2 road while it was supposed to be sent from the Line 1 road. When the train, which should go on the line 2, when the line 1 enters the road, an illegal movement may cause danger, it should be detected and reported to the center by the train driver, even if it is thought that the train may come from the train according to the announced ORER plan, it was not possible to compensate for the error by continuing on its way. . Because it is predetermined from which line the trains will go and come. This train operating with the same number uses the same route (Line XNUMX road).

Uyg 06.30 will go to Konya in 11, ul said Sayıner, a suspicious service manager. after approximately 150 meters, it must be passed from Line 2 to Line 1. This switch must be adapted for the transition to the line 74 with electric motors via the buttons in the locking panel used by the train operator, while 1 06.50. The road will go in Eskişehir. The empty set will provide YHT. Line 13 2. the scissor is not arranged to route back to its original position from Line 13 to Hat 2. Not edited train train officer Scissor direction Hat 1. The voyage is heard from the phone records that the officer told the movement. Upon this information, the dispatcher, YHT Hat 1. he thought he was being guided to the road di (Cumhuriyet)



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