Ankaray stopped when the waters were cut

Water was cut Ankaray stopped: While the debate about the Marmaray project in the capital was cut, Ankaray stopped. The water failure on Konya Road left Çankaya district without water. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ASKİ team who work to prevent the malfunction of the rails were damaged by the grabs Ankaray metro. Ankaray closed for use. Eyewitnesses said that the disaster had been restored.
ÇANKAYA still remained uncovered
While the reverberations of the allegations that the Marmaray project was put into use even though it was not ready due to the AKP's "opening love", the AKP municipality also boiled water in Ankara.
Dikmen, who was dehydrated for 72 hours in Ankara in the past days, also went through a cut last night due to a malfunction in the main water pipe. Due to the malfunction in the main water pipe with a diameter of 1600 mm, located on Mevlana Boulevard (Konya Road), opposite AŞTİ, water could not be given to a significant part of Çankaya.
According to the information provided by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ASKİ General Directorate, the flow of water from the main pumps that feed the Çankaya district was stopped due to the malfunction. Dikmen, which is known and crowded population with a region of Sancak, Birlik, Hosdere, Ata, Keklikpinari, Öveçler neighborhoods could not get water.
The ASKI team, who started working to fix the fault in the main pipe, almost caused a disaster. After the commuter train, the bucket interfered with the pipe passing just below the rails of Ankaray, which is the transportation system for Ankara's first rail city, and damaged the rails. Meanwhile, the broken electrical cables caused sparks in the rails. The spark caused a small fire around the rails.
Those who were at the station experienced great panic. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality teams immediately evacuated the area around the station and the workplace. Trips to Ankaray's Emek and AŞTİ stops were stopped. Transportation to Ankara's bus station AŞTİ has almost stopped.
A citizen named Orhan Küden, who was at the station at that time, told our newspaper about his experiences. Saying that sparks were scattered around when the bucket touched the rails, Küden said, “At that moment, a subway was coming. We ran away when the fire caught fire. The train stopped on the rails leaving the place. "Almost the bucket would hit the train," he said.
In addition, water cuts will be made in the surrounding districts due to the highway works between Eskişehir Road and Konya Road, which caused controversy due to passing through METU land. In the statement made by ASKI, water will not be given to the region for 4 hours from 31:00.00 on Thursday, October 1 to 16.00:40 on Friday, November 100 due to the connection works to be carried out at XNUMX points. The neighborhoods where the interruption will take place are: Çiğdem District, Karakusunlar District, XNUMX. Yıl District, Çukurambar District, Kızılırmak District and Workers' Blocks.

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