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Wrote songs to Marmaras (Video)

He wrote songs for Marmaray: ın The project of the century proj Marmaray has a song now. Sinan Yilmaz wrote a song for Marmaray. The opening of Marmaray connecting Asia and Europe with the tunnel passing under the Bosphorus 62 meter, the previous day President Abdullah [more…]

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New warning for Marmaray

A new warning for Marmaray: Socialist Architects and Engineers re-warned about Marmaray, which was opened before the completion of the construction with the ambition of political show. from electrical equipment to the evacuation of water that will be filled up in case of an accident [more…]

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Marmaray: 29 Much has been said about Marmaray, which was opened in October, and is still being told. Please set aside what you know and weigh Marmaray. Isn't it exactly what Istanbul wants, rail transport? 4 is moving to other continents in minutes. [more…]

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Passengers do not want to go down from Marmaray

Passengers do not want to get down from Marmaray: TCDD General Manager Karaman, Marmaray said that the intense interest, "Passengers out of curiosity and want to recognize the system does not want to get off the train," he said. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman, Marmaray'a [more…]

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The Marmaray Adventure

The Marmaray adventure: The first day of Marmaray, the giant project connecting Europe and Asia with the railroad under the sea, has started its adventurous. Electricity was cut off in the morning when CNN Turk was live. Due to a few-minute break, the passengers got off the tram and walked over the rails. Day [more…]

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Marmaray failures moved to parliament

Marmaray failures moved to parliament: Deputy Chairman of CHP Umut Oran, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "Marmaray safe, technical and security deficiencies until the completion of the command will you give instructions to stop?" He asked. Rate, the Prime Minister to respond [more…]

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Here's the traffic of Marmaray tweet

Here's Marmaray tweet traffic: Prime Minister Erdogan, social media Marmaray criticized the criticism. How many tweets have been taken since yesterday? What are the factors determining the agenda of social media? Marmaray was opened with a grand ceremony. World media is also great [more…]

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Marmaray engineers returned from the disaster

Marmaray engineers: Returned from the disaster: The failure in Marmaray was presented as a sunul simple, ordinary power outage elektrik, but according to experts the threshold of a disaster was returned. The engineer who worked in the project said, yüksek If people had come to power while they were walking, [more…]

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Our citizens are very satisfied with Marmaray

Citizens are very satisfied with Marmaray: TCDD Deputy General Manager Veysi Kurt stated that they were constantly going on trains in Marmaray and said, çok Our citizens are very satisfied. They are always praying and thanking. Sürekli Kurt, AA correspondent, said the people since the opening of Marmaray [more…]

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Description of TCDDden Marmaray

TCDDden Marmaray description: TCDD, Marmaray short-term power outage in the morning, but reported that the interruption of the voyage. Pressing the emergency button, the citizens have caused disruptions. TCDD, Marmaray'da control center and the lack of electronic systems claims that the real [more…]

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Guardian warns Marmaray

Marmaren warning from the Guardian: Marmaray, described as esi the project of the century uyar, echoes in the foreign press. The Guardian newspaper included the news of the opening of the tunnel section of the Marmaray project and the warnings of the experts. According to the news of BBC Turkish, Professor. Murat Güvenç, rents [more…]


RayHaber 31.10.2013 Tender Bulletin

Narlı-Akçagöze Stations Double Line Railway Surveying, Design, Engineering and Consultancy Consultancy Service will be purchased Ballast will be purchased Wagon scales and scales maintenance and maintenance work adjustment and stamping works in Kayseri - Underline [more…]


Increased Number of Expeditions

Increased Number of Expeditions in the Island: The interest of the City Rail System Implementation (ADARAY) implemented by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is increasing day by day. Ismail Yolcu, Head of Transportation Department explaining that arrangements were made in relation to the increase in the number of passengers, [more…]

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Which Marmaray Stations Will Add Value to Housing?

Which Marmaray stops will add value to the residences? The new bus lines, which are connected to the route of Marmaray, will add value to the houses in the region. The new bus lines, which are connected to the route of Marmaray, will lead to the appreciation of the residences in the region. Here are the lines that IETT put into operation. [more…]


Design Panel in Rail Systems

Design Panel in Rail Systems Location: Karabük University Rail Systems Club Date and Time: 31.10.2013 hours 11.00 Location: Faculty of Science Conference Hall Subject: Design Panel in Rail Systems Participant: Durmazlar A.Ş.