Samsun, Turkey will be the logistics base

Samsun, Turkey will be the logistics base of the Republic of Turkey and the European Union funded with financial cooperation, Science, Industry and executed by the Ministry Competitive Industries Program, 43 million 500 thousand euros with an investment of Samsun implemented Logistics Center Project, city of Turkey's 4th largest will elevate it to the position of logistics and storage base.
Samsun Logistics Center Project, which was submitted to the Competitive Sectors Program by the Middle Black Sea Development Agency (OKA), aims to make Samsun the logistics base of the region with the logistics center to be established in Tekkeköy district. The partners of the project are Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Middle Black Sea Development Agency, Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Samsun Organized Industrial Zone and Tekkeköy Municipality.
With the Samsun Logistics Center Project, which was implemented due to the limited logistics storage areas in Samsun and the increasing needs; It is aimed to increase the competitiveness of companies by providing logistics storage areas. Among the aims of the project are the companies to reduce their costs by taking advantage of versatile transportation opportunities and to reduce the cargo storage load of Samsun Port.
Turkey's new trading base
Within the scope of the project, which aims to increase the competitiveness of SMEs operating in the logistics and transportation sector in Samsun and surrounding provinces, a logistics center is established on an area of ​​672 decares. Especially entrepreneurs, wholesalers, merchants, tradesmen and SMEs will be able to benefit from the storage facilities, loading-unloading areas, social facilities and administrative buildings to be established in the Logistics Center. With the technical support activities that started on July 4, 2016, a business plan and business model will be prepared for the center, and activities related to the promotion of the center will be carried out as well as trainings aimed at building institutional capacity.
The project made a great contribution to increase the role of Samsun, which has developed in medical instruments and products, textile and furniture, basic metals, copper, machinery, tobacco, paper and paper products, chemical industry and auto spare parts industry, in foreign trade. will provide.
Two thousand people employed in the first place
When the project is completed, the way for local SMEs serving only in the country to establish partnerships and strategic cooperation with foreign companies will be opened. Samsun Logistics Center Project, which will accelerate export and import, will create employment for two thousand people in the first place.
Will turnout of Samsun and logistics companies in Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin in Turkey is stated to be after the 4th largest logistics center. The project, whose construction works started in February 2016, is planned to be completed in the last quarter of 2017.
What is a competitive sectors program?
Competitive Sectors Program, the Republic of Turkey and the European Union in the framework of financial cooperation agreement Science, Industry and Technology conducted by the Ministry is a program Usage through the 900 million euro budget projects. with programs carried out since 2007, increasing the competitiveness of SMEs to compensate for regional differences in Turkey it is aimed at providing social and economic development.
In the first period of the program, covering the years 2007-2013, large-scale investments are being made in 500 provinces from Hatay to Sinop, from Mardin to Yozgat with a budget of approximately 43 million Euros. With the Competitive Sectors Program, financial resources are transferred to projects that enable the establishment of common use workshops and production facilities to meet the infrastructure and technology needs of SMEs, increase the added value of production with innovative technologies, access to finance and improve tourism infrastructure.
This important investment program will enable hundreds of SMEs and enterprises to develop themselves in areas such as technical infrastructure, R & D, foreign trade, marketing and business management, logistics and storage, and thus expanding business and competitiveness and opening up new markets. Increasing business and competitiveness, the new business opportunities created in the program aims to increase the economic and social welfare of the target regions. Meanwhile, the EU-Turkey within the scope of the new period of financial cooperation, Competitive Sector Program, which is the target region in the coming days will grow as all of Turkey, innovation and R & D in such areas also plan to expand to a wider geography of development moves by the scope of support.

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