Istanbul Airport will increase our market share in air cargo

Istanbul airport will increase our market share in air cargo
Istanbul airport will increase our market share in air cargo

Istanbul with the opening of the Airport "Aeronautical Center" in Turkey's air cargo transport from the location also said it would increase its market share in the State Airports Management General Manager Funda in January, the world's largest airport logistics center, the airport in the commercial sense says it will take more than its share of potential.

Continuing investment in line with the objective of making accessible by air all over the country the State Airports Administration (SAMA) 's Public-Private Cooperation projects the number of realized today as Turkey in the aviation sector has reached 18. There are many projects carried out by the State Airports Authority, which came on the agenda after the relocation of Atatürk Airport to March 2019. We talked to General Manager Funda Ocak about the ongoing projects in the aviation industry and the gains Istanbul Airport will bring to the country.

DHMİ, we always knew that recently came to agenda also conducted several projects in Turkey with the Istanbul Airport. How many projects are you running?

Our country has made a great progress in the field of civil aviation, reaching the fastest development in Europe and a respected place in the world civil aviation. Transport policies implemented in the last 16 years have undoubtedly been effective in capturing this success graph. I can say that our country is equipped with more modern airports and terminals than its peers in the world. DHMİ has become a world brand in terms of business and advanced technological infrastructure with the large projects implemented. Many of our airports have achieved prestigious awards by signing records that left European giants behind.

We all experience the pride of crowning these achievements with Istanbul Airport, the largest project of our Republic's history in the airline industry. This magnificent work that dazzle the whole world, not just the Middle East, Turkey is not at the center of Europe and Asia, will be the epicenter of the global air transport. In addition to our, as you mentioned in your question Istanbul airport in Turkey in order to carry out many important projects that will sustain our success and we are taking achieved great investment. In addition to the construction and renovation of terminal buildings and pat areas, a total of 34 construction projects are carried out within our company, including various building construction and airport rehabilitation works.

The construction of the Muş Sultan Alparslan and Kahramanmaraş Airport Terminal Building and the Kars Harakâni Airport Pat Fields were completed and will be opened soon. Repair of PAT Areas in Antalya and Van Airport. Balıkesir (Central) Airport Terminal Building Construction is planned to be completed in a short time.

Gaziantep Airport Terminal Building and Tokat New Airport Superstructure Facilities Construction and Tokat New Airport PAT Fields Construction works continue in accordance with the work schedule. As of today, the number of Public Private Collaboration projects realized by our General Directorate has reached 18 in the aviation sector of our country.

What do you aim for with ongoing projects?

In the projects we are conducting; In the field of airport operations, we aim to be among the world's leading organizations with a global competitive edge. The rapid development of the aviation sector in our country, the increase in the number of passengers and the change in needs made it necessary for new airports to participate in the service. Airport service is provided at the 56 point of the country, increasing this number and expanding the airway transportation is a necessity. Because, one of the most important factors in making trade, tourism and industry investments attractive and attractive in every region of the country is to ensure smooth transportation.

Are there any new airports that will be put into service in 2019 or will start the project?

A total of 56 airports in Turkey serves as active. We continue the construction of Tokat New Airport by our organization with our own resources. In addition, the construction period of Çeşme Alaçatı Ekrem Pakdemirli Airport continues with the Build-Operate-Transfer model. In addition, the works of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments for Rize-Artvin, Karaman, Yozgat and Bayburt-Gümüşhane airports continue. In addition, the Western Antalya Airport Project is planned by our organization in 2019 with the BOT model.

In the 2018 Turkey, it has reached the highest export revenue in the history of the Republic. How was this reflected in air cargo transportation? What is the growth rate compared to the previous year?

As of the end of November 2018, according to uncertain data, 1 million 202 thousand tons of international cargo traffic was realized. We expect it to reach 2018 million 2017 thousand tons with an increase of 10 percent compared to 1 at the end of 296. The average growth in international cargo traffic in the last 10 years is 15 percent. This growing trend continues. We expect our country, which has become the “Center of Aviation” with the opening of Istanbul Airport, to increase its market share in air cargo transportation and become a base between the east / west axis.

Moving to the new Istanbul Airport was postponed to March. Which flights will be made from Ataturk Airport after this date?

With the launch of Istanbul Airport, only general aviation, maintenance and repair, private airline flights and private VIP / CIP flights can be carried out at Atatürk Airport. In addition, it is aimed for Atatürk Airport to host aviation fairs.

When will the infrastructure works of the logistics center to be built at the New Airport be completed. What exactly is aimed with this center?

Cargo / Logistics Center; 1,4 is planned to be built on an area of ​​1 million square meters for the first phase of the project and 200 will be built in the following phases. Many important domestic and foreign companies serving in the fields of cargo, logistics and temporary storage will also be included in this project. In the first phase, the Cargo / Logistics Center will provide annual 1,6 million air cargo tonnage capacity. With the second and third phases, this capacity was planned to be extended up to 2,5 million tons per year.

Parking positions for this center, where more than 30 wide-body cargo planes can approach at the same time, are positioned in front of the warehouses. It was designed with the use of air-side service tunnels that will pass under these points, to passenger terminals and remote parking areas, under runways and taxiways, with an operational infrastructure that will be flawless and not affected by aircraft traffic.

Warehouse, agency buildings, customs offices and all cargo / logistics operations will take place in the Cargo City to be established within Istanbul Airport. There will be service points such as banking services, cafes and restaurants, dry cleaning, hairdresser, PTT, prayer areas, veterinary, health center, test laboratories in the cargo city. Parking lots are planned for 456 thousand big and small vehicles in a total usage area of ​​18 thousand square meters, which are planned for all support areas where the circulation is intense. In addition, an alternative entryway was planned to allow the passengers and employees to reach the cargo city without traffic during peak hours.

What does the new airport mean for cargo transportation?

Istanbul Airport is aiming to become one of the biggest cargo hub points on the world with the ever-growing investments of domestic and foreign companies depending on the strategic location of our country. I think that Istanbul Airport project will make a great contribution to the country's economy with the importance of air cargo transportation.

Logistics companies are very troubled by the high rents at Istanbul airports. Are there any steps that DHMI can take in this regard? Do high prices cause problems in logistics center structure?

The fact that Istanbul Airport, which is built as the largest and most modern airport in the world within the scope of the Build-Operate-Transfer model, can be sustained without any delay and financing return is proportional to the optimum determination of the quality / price relationship of the service produced at the airport. Considering this issue and the size of the project, the quality of service to be provided by technology transfer, the increase in capacity, and the possibility of additional commercial contribution to the stakeholders, the published tariff fees to be applied at the airports remain within reasonable limits. In addition, within the scope of the project, our organization cannot be a part of determining the fees of the areas allocated to the company in charge of operating the airport; The biggest airport logistics center of our country and the world will take its share from the airport potential commercially.

How do you think the ongoing projects we thought it would be a power in 2023, Turkey's aviation sector?

In line with the goal of making every part of the country accessible by air, we aim to increase the total number of active airports to 2023 in 65, and the active airport capacity to reach 450 million per year and 350 million per year. The vision of our country to become a global center is in question in 2023 vision. With the studies and investments made in this direction, we foresee a growth of 2017 percent in the average number of international passengers, 2023 percent in the number of domestic passengers and 6,4 percent in the total number of passengers between 4,8-5,5. In addition, our growth expectation in overpass traffic for the same period is 5,5 percent. We anticipate that an average of 2017 percent growth will be achieved between 2023 and 4,4 in international cargo traffic, which is also one of the issues we care about.

Ongoing Projects of DHMI:

Construction-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Projects in Progress:

Esenboğa Airport New Domestic-International Terminal Building and Operations,
Zafer Airport
Istanbul Airport

Construction-Building-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Projects:

Çeşme Alaçatı Ekrem Pakdemirli Airport is the project.
Lease / Operational Transfer (KID) Projects:
Atatürk Airport Foreign and Domestic Terminal Building, Parking Lot and General Aviation Terminal
Antalya Airport; I. and II. Phase International Terminals, CIP Building, Domestic Terminal
Zonguldak / Caycuma Airport
Gazipaşa / Alanya Airport
İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport Current International, CIP, Domestic Terminals
Aydin / Cildir Airport
Dalaman Airport Existing International Terminal, Domestic Terminal and Operations
Milas / Bodrum Airport Current International Terminal, CIP / General Aviation Terminal and Domestic Terminal and Operations


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