Singapore model is being considered for the third airport

Singapore model is being considered for the third airport
Nihat Özdemir, 2.5 to cut 3 million trees. said they could take the example of Singapore for the airport.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport Habip Soluk, the third airport to Istanbul to be cut or will move the 2.5 million airport, the spokesperson of the consortium will hold the airport Limak Holding Chairman Nihat Özdemir, the airport will be done with an environmental understanding, for this they can take the example of Singapore said. Ozdemir, "otherwise the Gezi Park's environmentalists can come and perform," he said.

Nihat Özdemir, the spokesman for the Limak-Cengiz-Mapa-Kolin-Kalyon Joint Venture Group, which received the 22 billion 152 million euros plus VAT for the third airport to be constructed in Istanbul, stated that they are examining all airports in the world and they will gain an area with different contact to Istanbul, the public said there would be some surprises.

Emphasizing that the new airport will be green, Özdemir said, Öz If possible, we want to do it without cutting any trees. On the contrary, we want to make an airport with the most trees. We searched environmentally friendly airports in the world. Singapore has a beautiful green area. We can take a sample. We are even standing on the green certificate. Otherwise, environmentalists in Gezi Park can come and perform Gezi.


Özdemir said: cak The financing model attracts the attention of the world. So far from the Far East to China, the US has attracted great interest, including the Gulf. They take an appointment in person and come to visit. Biz

Ozdemir said that 22 would not have to find a single item in 1, while 7.5 would be able to find 6.3 billion, and said, bir We know we will find it easy. Because when we come to market, our most important leverage will be the 6.3 billion-euro passenger guarantee package. We will seek credit with state guarantee. This is the XNUMX billion euro guarantee money that the State Airports will pay us Bu.


Özdemir stated that the job applications started to arrive before the construction of the airport started, and that even the employees of Atatürk Airport came to the application. Ozdemir, Ataturk Airport will be closed in the new area, ground and air services with a thousand people will be employed 100 stressed.

Özdemir stated that they have started to receive offers from around the world for the construction machinery needed for construction. We're getting an offer so we don't waste time.

Source: Hürriyet

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