Mega projects will end before expected

Mega projects will be finished earlier than expected: President Erdoğan informed the journalists who answered his questions during his visit to Africa about the completion dates of the 3rd bridge, the 3rd airport and the Eurasia Tunnel. Erdogan said that the 3rd bridge will be completed faster than expected.
President Erdoğan, who is in Africa as part of official visits, answered journalists' questions about mega projects here.
Here are Erdogan's answers:
'TURKEY the elixir'
You cannot expect anything from the country where there is no investment. Indeed, even in the most difficult moments, even in times of crisis, we never stopped investing. We continued our investments with the same determination. Currently, investments should continue with the same determination. Because if there is investment, there is employment. There is production, there is competition, there is growth… These are all intertwined. They are connected with each other. My wish is to go over this issue in a determined manner. Not to interrupt investments. On the contrary, we have to realize serious infrastructure investments. For example, one of the things that I am most happy about right now is the end of Yavuz Sultan benign Bridge. Now as soon as this year in the hope that Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be a bit like a lifeblood for the commissioning of Turkey.
The 29 will be before October. I talked to Binali Bey (Yildirim), we announced as 29 October. He said he could get ahead. They're already putting the last one down. Once this is complete, you will be a safe haven against the world. Especially the passing of the high-speed train will add a different atmosphere to this piece.
In Eurasia tunnel, it ends in this year. Eurasia Tunnel at the end of the event the cars pass under the Bosphorus, it will still bring a distinct confidence in Turkey. On the other hand, there is Izmit crossing and Gulf crossing on the İzmir-Istanbul road. The Gulf crossing is also a good point right now. So, this year may not be over but at the beginning of next year the Gulf Crossing will be over. He will reduce the time between Istanbul and Izmir 3.5 hour. Of course, these will strengthen the relationship between the cities as well as create a very different air transport.
In the meantime, the first phase of the third airport will hopefully end in 2018. All of these will provide further bolster Turkey's reputation in the world. We are currently in the top 7 in the world in aviation. THY has a very strong fleet in a wide body…
It was not imaginable for THY to make such a profit. Of course, it is really very important that he caught him ... And of course he makes maintenance and repairs. Another runway will be built in Sabiha Gökçen. Despite all the problems with these investments by Allah's leave Turkey this year, especially if I believe, I hope also to a growth of over 4 in 2017-2018 will be much different. So I believe there is no room for concern. As long as we are all in self-confidence. Let's never mind someone gossip and so on. Here's what's happening in the defense industry. Even in the private sector, the production of these armored carriers is truly dazzling.

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