Kemalpaşa Logistics Center Project postponed deadline

AYGM Kemalpasa Logistics Center Project postponed deadline
Pers - Bergiz Yapı joint venture was also included in the short list after the corrective actions carried out in the tender for Kemalpaşa Logistics Center Infrastructure and Superstructure Supply Construction, which was submitted by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments on 30 December 2015. At this stage, the last bidding date of the tender, which was previously determined as 2015 March 172002, was postponed to 25 May 2016.
In recent days, the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, including the joint venture of Öztaş - Fernas İnşaat and the Ataray Architects - Pınar Telecommunications joint venture, evaluated the objection for the pre-election result, and included the 2 joint venture.
In the meantime, the joint ventures of Aga Energy, Yapı ve Yapı İnşaat – Belen İnşaat, Derince Security – Sigma – Panoray, AKM Yapı – Mezre – EMT İnşaat joint ventures were also responded to. Pre-selection of the tender kazanThe full list of companies/joint ventures is as follows:
l. Açtılı İnşaat - Adfa Contracting
2. Akçadağ Construction - KMB Metro
3. Ataray Architecture - Pınar Telecommunication
4. Cengiz Construction
5. Celikler Construction
6. Demce Yapı- Dido-Ray Building
7. Elron Construction-Akkol Mining
8. Femas Construction - Öztaş Construction
9. Image Railway
10. Pers Yapı - Bergiz Building
1 l. Ultra Technology - Nas İnşaat
12. YDA Construction - Gülermak Heavy Industry

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