Kemalpaşa Osb Railway Connection Line Opening Ceremony

Kemalpaşa Osb Railway Connection Line Opening Ceremony: Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that the 27 kilometer railway line between Kemalpaşa and Turgutlu and the logistics center to be built in the district will turn Kemalpaşa into a real production, export base and industrial center.
Elven, Gulab Organized Industrial Zone (OSB), in his speech at the opening ceremony of the rail link line, Turkey, in particular that there are significant advantages in terms of proximity to the global market, but these benefits are not considered enough before the AK Party government, he said.
Especially road transport in the railway despite achieving some progress, seaway and airway unable to achieve significant progress, the AK Party government stressed that especially Turkey's longest engaged in the Ministry of Transport Binali Yildirim the leadership of both railway and airline as well as the provision of very important developments in the maritime sector Elven, " This railway project and logistics center will make Kemalpaşa a real production base, make an export base and make an industrial center. Because if you do not raise your competitiveness, you will not have a strong structure if you don't lower costs güçlü.
Kemalpasa Organized Industrial Zone, Ankara-Izmir and Denizli-Izmir-Izmir-Izmir railway line is located in the middle of the present opening Kemalpasa OIZ with the Ankara-Izmir railway line that they connect Elvan, in addition to the connection to Aydın-Çine said they will realize.
Elvan, who will connect Kemalpaşa to Torbalı by rail, indicating that the loads coming from Denizli and Aydın will come to Kemalpaşa again.
De We will strengthen our logistics center with this aspect. What about our logistics center? In many developed countries of the world, logistics centers are an essential part of the industry. If you do not have a logistics center in an industrial zone, it is very difficult to develop the region. One, your logistics center will be in that industrial zone. Two, you'il have a connection to the sea. Thirdly, this connection will be possible by rail. Here, Kemalpasa will have all of these in a year or two. Kemalpaşa will be a shining star of İzmir. Kemal
Turkey's largest logistics center in Kemalpasa that 3 million square meters installed in the field, 300 thousand square meters of indoor, 600 thousand square meters in the central storage will be expressing that it is possible the storage container on the 30 thousand Elven, "This center will serve all industries. With this railway connection and the logistics center, Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone will bear 3 in at least a few years. Bu
- Halkapınar will be connected to the bus terminal
Minister Elvan, Menemen-Aliaga railway line over the railway line will provide a link to the Nemrut Bay, the work continues on this and 50 million pounds in the project will start this year, he said.
Elvan said that the works related to the construction of the subway between Halkapınar bus terminal were completed and added, arasında All of our projects are ready. We also took it into the investment program. We will start the construction of this project in the amount of approximately 280 million pounds. We will bring Halkapınar to the bus station ar.
- Other talks
Former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and AK Party İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Binali Yildirim, the railway in Kemalpasa Organized Industrial Zone in the 500 company around Anatolia, the ports, said they would move abroad. From the Kemalpaşa to Turgutlu, there are many bridges, tunnels and viaducts on the 27 kilometer line. He said that trains will carry the loads from the Logistics Center established on 3 million square meters.
Stressing that they are moving forward with the steps of making İzmir a brand city, Yıldırım said, al We hope that the 30 March elections will perform the missions one by one in İzmir. When İzmirliler supported us, when confidence hope İzmirimiz Mediterranean shining star and a brand to make cities 'Life Izmir 1414' project, Turkey's most advanced culture, we aim to make the city of arts and tourism, we will accomplish together, "he said.
- 3 million tons of cargo will be carried
Adnan Polat, Vice Chairman of Ibrahim Polat Holding, stated that as the Ege Seramik group, they have established the first factory of the region and that the organized industrial zone has become a region of hundreds of factories and transportation is a great need to meet the needs of this region.
Polat said, c We will carry our first load today. Just because our load is annually 1 million 460 thousand tons. This is equivalent to the 90 bin truck. We will carry a load close to 550 thousand tons by rail. When you spread this all the way to Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone, millions of tons of freight will be transported to the markets by rail. We will only transfer at least half of the 90 truck to the railway. It will also lead to a decrease in large truck traffic on the roads, Y he said.
Thanks to the project, the Governor of İzmir Mustafa Toprak said that the 300 hectare area, which is located on a total area of ​​one thousand 300, will be transported from the Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone by means of the railway.
After the speeches, Mr. Adnan Polat, Ege Ceramics by specially designed ceramics Minister Elvan and Binali Yildirim as a gift.
The opening of ribbon to the service of the railway line cut off the load of Ege Seramik, Ankara.

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