EGO Drivers Given Terror Training

Training for terrorists is given to the EGO drivers: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO Directorate of bus drivers, terrorism and terror attacks, seminars are given awareness raising.

In the trainings given by the experts of Ankara Police Department Anti-Terror Branch under the name of "Urban Security, Youth and Conscious Future", subjects such as "what to do and what should be doubted about suspicious person, suspicious package and suspicious vehicles" are explained.

EGO drivers, who have been subjected to dozens of different training from psychological support to public relations, from motivation to advanced driving techniques and first aid, are now being informed in detail about terrorism.

Training given to the 5 bus driver at the 2273 regional directorate of the General Directorate of EGO; it starts with giving information about terrorism, its objectives, its elements and its terrorist attacks in Ankara.

In the trainings where comprehensive information on terrorism was also mentioned, experts stated that the bus, taxi and minibus drivers had very important duties and that the information given by the drivers could be fast, healthy and 100.

Security officials, who noted that the seminars will be given to all EGO drivers who are informed about the suspicious package, person and attacks, and what the drivers should do, said:, We receive requests from many institutions, organizations and civil organizations for this training. Our aim is to raise awareness of the people and to ensure their self-confidence. Iz

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