Prime Minister Davutoglu gave information about Turkey-Iran-speed train project

Prime Minister Davutoglu gave information about Turkey-Iran-speed train project: Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu spoke at the Turkey-Iran Business Form.
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, in his speech in Iran, planned to be established between Turkey and Iran gave information about train speed train project.
Davutoğlu said that ties between Trabzon and Mersin and Iran's Bender Abbas Port will be strengthened with the high-speed train corridor.
The Başkab Davutoglu on the issue, "Iran, Turkey's gateway to Asia. This offers us possibilities in the field of transportation and logistics. Today, we have made comprehensive evaluations on road, rail and air transportation issues, and with a very strong will, we have decided to make serious moves in these areas in the coming period. In the coming period in Mersin Port of Bandar Abbas Port, between Trabzon Port of Bandar Abbas Port, the high-speed train corridor in Turkey, the progression to Tabriz from Tehran in Iran, we will strengthen our liaison between the planned high-speed train corridor, "he said.
More secure rail system
On the other hand, speedy and more reliable shipments are carried out by high-speed trains. Moreover, the possibility of a surprising development in high-speed trains is much less than in the sea.
Egypt, on the other hand, opened another canal in August, calling this channel the 'New Suez Canal'. With the commissioning of the project between Iran and Turkey, made with two ships from the Suez Canal may record this trade corridor.
"Turkey and Iran are like puzzle '
Other highlights from Davutoğlu's comments are as follows:
“The talks we hold today are extremely successful and direct result-oriented
If we are going to start a strong period, both countries must complement each other economically and socially.
We need a paradigmatic change in our relationships. Turkey and Iran complement each other like a puzzle.
We have always been with Iran in difficult times.
In the coming period a larger number of Iranian banks in Turkey, Turkish banks pass the activities of the Istanbul circuit gireceğiz.tahr the stock exchanges to work in Iran and must do more initiative in this regard.
We have attracted a lot of energy shortages in the past, not the Turkey-Iran energy exchange in this direction, to invest together on this issue in the most important position in the önemlidir.türki energy consumption, while Iran is producing countries. We need to make this potential more efficient.
Iran is an unexplored treasure.
We all need to make a lot of effort for this geography to become a geography of peace and tranquility. "

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