Railways's breakthrough, and let us fast subway trains Turkey.

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While the public procurement of 90 billion dollars was planned to be made to the transportation sector in ten years, the capital city industrialists called. I Os of Turkey's largest OSB aspire to transportation investments. OSB President Orhan Aydın points out that they can produce metro vehicles and high-speed trains. Approximately 5 thousand people are employed in the industrial zone with 50 thousand enterprises.
While Turkey's domestic automobile production process, Anatolia came a significant warning to the government from the capital. OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) Chairman Orhan Aydın, who emphasized that it is late in domestic cars, warned that the opportunity in the production of metro and rail vehicles should not be missed. Drawing attention to the fact that there are domestic companies that can make rail vehicles in the cities of countries such as the USA and Germany, Aydın said, “In the past years, due to the negligence of the administrations, we are still talking about the domestic automobile. We have an important opportunity for local metro vehicles and high-speed trains. We have to evaluate this well. Otherwise, we can be contractors in this area as well. " said. Expressing that the requirement of 324 percent domestic production for 51 vehicles to be purchased for the Ankara metro to be completed by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is an important step, Aydın stated that strategic approaches should be adopted in this sector. Aydin, Turkey said that domestic production should be geared to supporting the preparation of the specifications in the metro will be built across the "locals had worked with 100 percent domestic production possibilities could be done for the Ankara metro. However, 51 percent local rate is still important as a strategic start. This could be a good start. " he spoke.

Stating that the relevant ministry should determine the domestic investment and production strategy in this field as well as in the defense industry since it is the only buyer state in the production of metro vehicles and high-speed trains, Ostim OIZ President Aydın said: “We expect this as domestic manufacturers. While the specifications are being prepared, 'the condition of doing this job before' is sought. True, the purchaser of this product is public. This production cannot take place without the will of the public. We continue to be a constant market. We can do this together with local producers, state supporting institutions, R&D institutions and universities. We have to do this. " Turkey's largest, the world's No. If small and medium-sized industrial production areas Ostim Organized Industrial Zone, which is one of the approximately 17 thousand people are employed in the 5 thousand enterprises in 50 main sectors. OSTIM general of Turkey as well as the world's production is done in numerous countries. In Ostim, production is carried out in sectors such as health, electronics, plastic, furniture and automotive sub-industry, especially metal and construction machinery.

In line with the targets foreseen in the 2012-2014 Medium Term Program and the 2012 Year Program, the government is opening the mouth this year. In the 2012 investment program, a total of 2 billion 622 million TL is expected to be spent on 38 thousand 168,7 projects this year. 1 billion 344,8 million TL of the said investment amount will be covered from the equities and 4 billion 344,8 million TL will be covered by the loan. Looking at the distribution of the projects, there are 694 projects in education, 573 in social, 420 in transportation-communication and 290 projects in agriculture. On the basis of amount, this year, the biggest investment item will be transportation and communication with 12 billion 31,2 million TL. According to the investment program of the economy administration in public procurement for 2011-2021, it is foreseen that a public procurement expenditure of 90 billion dollars will be realized for transportation in the ten year period.

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