Those who lost their lives in Çaycuma Bridge disaster were commemorated with prayers,

Those who lost their lives in the Çaycuma bridge disaster were commemorated with prayers, their pains were restored: In the third year of the bridge disaster, the corpse of Zonguldak's Çaycuma district could not be reached. Although 15 years have passed since the incident, sanctions were not allowed, but those responsible were not found.
Governor Serkan Keçeli, Mayor Bülent Kantarcı, department managers, citizens and families who lost their relatives on the bridge attended the ceremony held at the 6 April Monument in Çaycuma. The ceremony started with the reading of the Quran and the hymns for those who lost their lives in the disaster. Turkish delight was served to the participants. Amen was said to the prayers given by District Mufti Mahmut Rauf Arcakoğlu. Those who lost their relatives shed tears during prayer. After the prayer ceremony, some families came to the bridge and prayed for their relatives.
Bahattin Azaklıoğlu, son of Necati Azaklıoğlu, whose funeral has not been reached since the disaster, said, “What else can we feel other than pain? I lost my father and my uncle. My father is still not found. We expect justice to manifest. We don't know anything. ” she pointed out. Hamide Azaklıoğlu, daughter of Ali Rıza Kaya, said, “We felt the same pain. Water was not like that then. There was a strong flood. If there was such protection, there would be no disaster. If the measure was taken, there would not be such disaster. Previously, the bridge was shaking permanently. ” she explained.
Hayriye Güner's older sister Hatice Durasi, who fell to Filyos Stream while walking on the bridge, also sat at the bridge and shed tears. Dura said, “Our 3 years are over, our pain is still fresh. He did not die for us, always in our hearts. It is not possible to forget. Whenever we pass from here, we think of it. ” she explained.
Halil Kaya, who lost his brother Veli Kaya, his uncle Ali Rıza Kaya and his brother-in-law Necati Azaklıoğlu, stated that the authorities were insensitive to orphans. Expressing his suffering and criticizing his brother not to be a homeland for his girls who are studying at university, Kaya expressed his reaction with the following words:
“Our pain has been refreshed. Our pain is huge. Thank God our relatives are remembered. This remembrance gives some comfort. Criminals were not found. We heard that the criminals were loaded onto the municipality. Those who have children here are all victimized. My brother, who lost my life, has 2 children studying. Studying at university. No help from anywhere. We applied for the last homeland. The dormitory did not come to girls. I was very sorry. If the orphans' right cannot be overcome, they must be given to orphans first. It is not the orphans in Karabük or Kastamonu. They're there, we're going to get enough. Our Prophet (saw) said before, look at your relative. I also mentioned to Mr. Özcan Ulupınar about the situation here, there was no place, he was given away. ”



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