Cracks in the new bridge creeps freak

Cracks in the new bridge in Çaycuma, Çaycuma, 6 2012 15 XNUMX resulting in the collapse of the bridge, resulting in the death of a person who died, the new bridge was reported to occur cracks.
According to information, 252 48 6 2012 meters in the length of the 4 meter 11 15 XNUMX people walking in the bridge at that time, and the XNUMX people in the minibus at the bottom, the Filyos Stream had fallen to the bottom. After the disaster that resulted in the death of one XNUMX, the bridge was closed to traffic and rebuilt and opened in May last year. Even after one year, there were cracks on the new bridge. Some cracks in the new bridge, which was observed to be filled with patches, the formation of new cracks at different points in the region was uneasy. The residents of Çaycuma expressed their concerns about the bridge and stated that they should take precautions as soon as possible.
Educator and Çaycuma Art Editor Mevlüt Kırnapçı, who is living in the region, stated that they had taken photographs of the cracks they had seen with their fellow teachers on the bridge. He said: de We have seen that the new bridge presents a very serious danger even though it has not yet completed one year. Çaycuma District Traffic Commission Chairman Kaymakam Hasan Yaman, Çaycuma Mayor (Old or new), Regional Directorate of Highways are invited to the task. 20 March 2012 and 26 March 2012 ignored the news that we made about the old bridge and ignored a direct or indirect disaster. This time we don't want to experience the same scenario with other deaths! We do not know whether the. Final Acceptance u of the new bridge has been made or not, and to what extent the cracks we see are of vital importance. We, as educators and sensitive citizens, do our part and we invite those responsible. Technical experts should be examined and necessary precautions should be taken on the bridge.


Günceleme: 21/12/2018 17:16

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