The intersections are being modernized in the obelisk

The intersections are being modernized: Modernization works in Dikili continue to be full. Dikili Municipality, which continues its services for the peaceful life of the citizens, carries out the projects of the lower and upper buildings realized throughout the district.
Teams Work Like Bees
Under the leadership of Mayor Mustafa Tosun, Dikili Municipality, which operates without interruption for the day and night to say the city to a more aesthetic appearance by turning the district into a construction site, started the work at the roundabout and signaling works at the Bülent Ecevit Junction, one of the most important main arteries of the district. Bülent Ecevit Intersection will have a safe flow of traffic and an aesthetic appearance with the completion of the work on creating a geometric arrangement and signaling system. In addition, the pavement and pedestrian walkways formed by laying granite dice and curb will also give pedestrians comfortable breathing.
”Bülent Ecevit Interchange will Reflect the Changing Face of Our District“
Dikili Mayor Mustafa Tosun, who gave information about the works carried out at the Bülent Ecevit Junction, stressed that the traffic and pedestrian crossings in the region will be in line with the completion of the works carried out by the Directorate of Science Affairs. Stating that the works carried out with the goal of a modern and livable city Dikili will be completed in a short period of time, Tosun said that with the completion of the physical arrangement and signalization works at the intersection, the traffic will be safer and easier to flow. President Tosun said, Başkan Since the day we took office, we have been carrying out works that will make human life easier and beautify in our district. Bülent Ecevit Interchange is one of the most important arteries we can call the entrance of our district. Bülent Ecevit Kavşağı, which will be put into service with the completion of the pedestrian roads, refugees, signalization, lighting system and environmental arrangements in the region, will reflect the changing face of our district. All the work done to get good in our district, ize he said.

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