Alaaddin-Adliye Tram Line

Alaaddin-Adliye Tram Line Wrong Choice: It is debated whether the tram line work between Alaaddin-Adliye is a useful project. Experts say that the subway line should be installed instead of tram in the region, converging at the point that the tram is the wrong choice.

Aladdin - Courthouse tram line construction is underway. With the commencement of the works, the traffic problem continues on the roads on Mevlana Street which has been narrowed since the first day of the study. The tradesmen and citizens residing in the region state that they cannot decide whether the project will be beneficial or if it is a project that will cause problems for them. Selcuk University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Public Administration Department of Urbanization and Environmental Problems Mehmet Akif Çukurçayır the tram line instead of the tram line to the region would be more useful, saying that the tram line project is a wrong choice, he said.



Çukurçayır stated that the narrowing of the Mevlana Street road narrowing due to the tram line of Alaaddin-Adı is an event that will affect the urban life deeply. When the tradesmen there will supply the goods to him, how will the density be removed? These must be planned. Hopefully all of this has been considered when planning the tram line. Because when you realize a transportation planning, you cannot think that it is only transportation. I think the municipality has made this planning. I hope it is not a project that has too many negative side effects to the environment, shopkeepers and urban people. The authorities need to consider measures to reduce this concentration. Without the subway, the tram line is inevitable, but I wish the Alaaddin-Judicial Line passed through another region rather than Mevlana. Perhaps a much smoother solution would have been found. But at this stage, I can say that unless there is a subway project, if there is no subway direction, Konya's traffic problem will not be solved by tram lines. As it is not solved, it leads to narrowing in both the streets it passes. It can also damage historical buildings. They need to be calculated very well. As I said on the macro scale of Konya, the ring road needs to be built. Afterwards, it is absolutely necessary to make plans about the subway works. ”


Çukurçayır, stressing the need to look at the traffic problem from a macro perspective, “This traffic problem is a general urbanization problem,” he said. Çukurçayır stated that Konya also got its share from the common problem of cities due to the wrong public transportation policies. Alesef Unfortunately, no city traffic problem is solved. Including Konya. The traffic problem in Konya is growing day by day. In fact, we need to ask this question how to solve the traffic problem of Konya. You know we've said it in different places before. Konya's ring road needs to be built urgently. A city like Konya does not have a ring road. The ring road relaxes Konya. Besides, we need to look at the developed countries and how they solve the traffic problems of the cities. We can't take a distance unless we look at them. When we look at these solutions, the problem of traffic is solved by tram in small cities. But when we look at big cities, the solution is metro. In Konya, the metro should definitely be targeted. A metro network should be planned to reach every corner of Konya. Implementation should be started as soon as possible ”.


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