Public Transport Use In Kocaeli Has Decreased By 40 Percent Due To Virus

public transport use in Kocaeli decreased by% due to virus
public transport use in Kocaeli decreased by% due to virus

Holidays in schools within the scope of coronavirus, citizens' being careful to stay away from crowds and not prefer public transportation, also affected transportation figures in Kocaeli. There was a 40 percent decrease in the use of Kentkart, especially at the weekend.


the ÖzgürkocaelAccording to the news of Erdin Ağdede; “While the citizens were away from the crowded place, the visitors of the shopping malls, which were mainly open and not closed in the weekend, were more visitors. Due to the cold weather, most of the citizens preferred to stay at the weekend house. This situation was also reflected in the use of public transportation in our city. The number of passengers in the buses, trams and ferries belonging to the Metropolitan Transportation Park has decreased significantly.


Considering the number of passengers on Saturdays and Sundays, where citizens are mostly outside, the number of passengers in municipal buses, trams and ferries decreased by 40 percent. Emphasizing that the transportation vehicles belonging to the Park are used by 100 thousand people daily, the officials stated that they expect this figure to decrease to 60 thousand per day after the coronavirus warning.


A significant decrease was also observed in the sales of citizens who benefited from municipal vehicles, ferries, trams, and local public buses and minibuses by using Kentkart. On Friday, March 13, when the first case related to coronavirus was announced, the decrease in public transport was 8 percent compared to the previous Friday. On Saturday, March 14, the decrease was 27 percent compared to the previous Saturday and 40 percent on Sunday. As of Monday, March 9, 600 thousand people were using Kentkart, and as of 13.00 yesterday when students were on holiday, the use of Kentkart was only 140 thousand.


Friday, March 06, 572.842
Friday, March 13, 526.361
8% decrease
Saturday, March 07, 498.347
Saturday, March 14, 362.317
27% decrease
Sunday, March 08, 385.596
Sunday, March 15, 228.645
40% decrease
Monday, March 09, 600.504
16 as of 13.16 March Monday 140.000
Estimated 30-40% decrease

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