Whose metro is cleaner; Is New York City Istanbul

Whose metro is cleaner; New York or Istanbul: Due to our commercial relations, we occasionally host guests from European countries. Going on among our guests who visited Turkey for the first time. Interestingly, when we asked about the first impressions of these people about our country; The answer is about cleanliness and hygiene. Feedback is not negative, but is positive. Especially in Turkey airport, subway stations, Metrobus and buses, despite the dense crowd, they say, was immaculate. Even in the cleaning of restaurants, offices and toilets, our guests who say that Istanbul is better than their own countries is not a minority.

New York or cleaner Istanbul?

Is it really that or is this just a superficial and emotional tourist impression?
Definitely not, let me give you another example. I have a close friend who lives in Istanbul and has one foot in New York. Every time that my friend tells us about the inadequacy of the buses and subway stations there, he compares it with the public transportation vehicles and stations of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and he says, ın We are much better at cleaning on them ve.

In fact, in Turkey, 15 recent years, significant progress was recorded, though quietly in the cleaning sector. Remember, not only for tourists in the past, but even for those who live in this country, it was not so easy to eat outside, to touch in a place with inner comfort, to use institutions' restrooms. The main reason for our reservations was the lack of cleanliness and hygiene.

Hygiene, how did Turkey?

Of course, Turkey's growing economic prosperity, venues and influence standards of service offered there. But for me, one of the most fundamental factors of this progress in cleaning was the privatization of such services. Especially the cleaning companies, which we call t subcontractors,, have gained considerable experience in terms of cleanliness and they have survived the country in this respect. systematic cleaning of Turkey brought these companies. These companies had to offer the best service in order to continue their relations with the customers they signed the contract in the next contract. In this way, companies that are competent about cleaning appeared

Cleaning is hygienic cleaning!

Most people still cannot distinguish the difference between normal cleaning and hygienic cleaning. For this reason, a significant return of these companies was to introduce our people with hygienic cleaning. You wipe a table with a wet cloth, it just looks clean, but you can't destroy the bacteria on that table ıs But if you wipe that table with the appropriate chemicals, in appropriate proportions, wipe it with a healthy cloth and dry it, the table will be cleaned hygienically. Hence, the first one is impressive, but the real cleaning is the second.

So Turkey should at this point in staying the hygienic cleaning. Of course not. More sophisticated cleaning systems should be used especially in school and hospital cleaning. These two areas are also extremely sensitive. Patients and children should be well protected from bacteria. However, it is very difficult to do with classical cleaning systems.

Protect children from bacteria Çocukları

So what's the solution? One of the solutions developed in this regard is the X-Line cleaning system that meets the EU standards. For example, when you apply this system to a school, schools are becoming healthier and more reliable places for children. The process is as follows: The cleaning process is carried out with color codes and with effective cleaning materials up to a specific square meter for the purpose of self-inspection. Wet, not wet cleaning. The school is categorically divided into units and different materials are used for each unit. Separate diapers and mops for each unit of the school. Indeed, they define with separate color codes. Each mop and cloth is used once in a given square. These materials are specially developed, washed and disinfected in washing machines and humidified, packaged and packaged with human and nature-friendly chemicals like a wet wipe.

We deserve better as a country and society. Then let's ask for better cleaning.

Source: Mehmet Avcı

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 16:53

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