Parking fees, HGS and Istanbulkart'la payable

Parking fees, HGS and Istanbulkart can be paid with: Metropolitan Municipality establishment ISPARK every day, hundreds of thousands of people in the open, storey and road parking garages come in new payment facilities. Drivers will now be able to pay with Istanbulkart and HGS in İSPARK's car parks.
ISPARK will launch different payment options in order to accelerate the exits and save the drivers from cash problems. İSPARK, which provides parking facilities with 100 thousand capacity at 600 point in the city, will offer the citizens the opportunity to pay with İstanbulkart and HGS. The project is planned to be implemented in the new year.
İSPARK completed all infrastructure works for the use of İstanbulkart. Payment tolls and barrier systems in the car parks were harmonized with Istanbulkart. In the first stage, the parking lot will be launched at the points where there is a barrier system. Drivers will be able to pay parking fees by reading Istanbulkart. When the card to be read in the entrance to the car park is read again, payment will be received. If the driver has used any public transport before entering the car park, the transfer system will be activated and discounted. Likewise, if the car is going to go on its way with a different transportation vehicle after using the car park again, the transfer system will be activated and it will be able to continue on its way with discount.
İSPARK has started infrastructure and technical works for HGS use in car parks. The infrastructure works of the project will be completed in a short time. After Istanbulkart, HGS will be commissioned. Drivers will be deducted from the HGS at the time of the exit until they use the car parks. First of all, HGS will be used in car parks and will be used in open parking lots.

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