HGS error angered drivers

The class difference error in HGS leaves millions of car owners in trouble.
Vehicle owners http://www.sikayetvar.com’a According to the complaints he sent; On the label used by some, the class of the vehicle was recorded differently, while others experienced a class difference violation due to speed in HGS transitions. "Infrastructure problems can happen," the officials said.
HGS errors are endless. When buying HGS make sure that your vehicle's class is correctly registered. Because, when the class of the vehicle in which the label is used is different and the label is not taken to the class of the vehicle during the day, a penalty is imposed. Another problem is that both toll and filling fees vary according to class differences. Upon complaints, the officials said, “Infrastructure problems continue. Even though there is a class violation on the screen in the transition, the camera recordings show the truth ”.
It is useful to read the following complaints in order to avoid problems with HGS purchase:
“The problems of the HGS system do not end with counting: 1) Sometimes it does not read the entry. 2) Sometimes he reads the entrance, but there is no entrance at the exit. 7) The axle distance of my vehicle is 45. 3 m, that is, under 3. 09 meters, it is considered as first class. But if I go through HGS slowing down it says 'class is different'. If I pass through the box office, it does not write it. 3) Sometimes the green light that the entrance is read does not light at the first entries. 20) When you pass faster than 4km, you cannot read the text on the screen (the name is a fast passage system but faster than 5km) We want the problems to be corrected as soon as possible ”
“I had my HGS card removed. In the classification, although the vehicles on the axle range 3.20 are said to be 2nd class, the officer questioned from the license plate and insisted that this vehicle was 1st class and gave 1st class HGS. My vehicle's wheelbase is 3.95. Will I be subjected to a criminal situation in the future? ”
“I had the opportunity to try my card. He wrote 'class violation' during the transition. On the way back, I stopped by the bank I got the card and explained the situation. They said, 'We don't have a 2nd class card anyway.' I have also heard of many grievances due to HGS. As a result, I canceled the card, the card could be canceled with a maximum delay of 2-3 days. ”


Source: Morning

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